Dodgers make offer to Manny, largest in history of franchise

Guessing it’s two years at around $50 million or three years at around $75 million, but again, that’s just a GUESS, based on Colletti’s preference for short-term deals and what he said on the record to reporters at the GM meetings in Dana Point today (in the interest of full disclosure, I’m not actually there). What he said was that this is the most lucrative contract ever offered in the history of the Dodgers franchise (in terms of average annual value) and that it potentially would make Ramirez the second-highest paid player (presumably based on average annual value) in baseball behind A-Rod. Ned also said the AAV of the offer is somewhere between the $20 million Manny would have made next year if his option had been exercised by the Red Sox and the AAV of A-Rod’s deal, which if you do the math is $27.5 million. Boras is said to be holding out for a deal that would lock up Manny through his 42nd birthday, which is May 30, 2014. A three-year deal with the Dodgers would lock him up only through his 39th birthday in 2011. That’s a pretty big gap for now.

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  • LAD Lavigne

    Just give him a 4 or 5 year deal Ned.