Pablo Ozuna files for free agency

Was starting to wonder when that was going to happen. He was the last eligible Dodgers player, with all 14 of them having now filed. I’m going to guess he won’t be back and that Angel Berroa and Chin-lung Hu will be the utility guys next year. But what do I know?

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  • El Lay Dave

    I think Ned has to worry about the *starting* middle infielders first! What’s the middle infielder under contract depth chart at the moment?

    DeWitt (if he’s a 2B)
    Abreu (is he healthy yet?)

    You know Colletti ain’t going into spring with only those four kids as the middle infielder candidates. Let’s hope Ned’s FA signing isn’t a crummy one.

  • Tony Jackson

    Dave, I have been led to believe it WON’T be Orlando Hudson (good glove, no hit, high price tag).

  • El Lay Dave

    Thanks Tony – I’m not surprised, the price tag, in both years and dollars will be too rich for the FO’s blood, if the consensus speculation is to be believed, and I’d probably agree with that thinking. But “no hit”, really Tony? I know Hudson’s performance is a little Arizona enhanced (nice hitters park), but the list of who gives better offense at 2B is kinda short: Utley, Kinsler, Uggla, Pedroia, Brian Roberts, Cano (IF he bounces back), with guys like DeRosa, Kelly Johnson, Polanco, roughly his peers.

    Any word on arbitration offers? Manny, Lowe would seem to be no-brainers (for the Type A compensation). Blake? Beimel? Penny??? Not Kent, not Nomar, not Maddux?

  • joshburke2

    They should offer arbitration to all the type A’s and B’s, sans Kent.

    …and I think O-Dog would be worth the money. We know Dewitt plays a mean third base and the job fell on him so you know how it goes when you mess with destiny. Heck, I would not be complaining about the two Orlando’s (Cab and Hudson) up the middle and the two soft hitting lefties in the corners. That’s a team for Manny, though. Without Manny, you go with Hu and Mattingly (huh?) up the middle and sign Sabathia and Petite. Let the kids play. We will win every game 2-1.

  • joshburke2

    DePo made a run at him; we’re foolish if we don’t condier this…$5-8 mil per; Revenge discount!