Manny Ramirez, Rafael Furcal will re-sign with Dodgers

At least according to, they will. They issued odds today that say the Dodgers are the favorites to land both players. Here are those odds, so take them for whatever you think they’re worth: Manny Ramirez Contenders

Dodgers 1/2

Yankees 4/1

Mets 6/1

Blue Jays 6/1

Other 3/1 Rafael Furcal Contenders

Dodgers 7/5

Cubs 3/1

Giants 5/1

Blue Jays 5/1

Athletics 8/1

Other 11/4

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  • joshburke2


    DePo made a run at him; we’re foolish if we don’t condier this…$5-8 mil per; Revenge discount!

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I could only see acquiring Randy Johnson at a relatively low price and in a limited role. Last year his ERA before the All-Star break was 5.23, and 2.41 after. I believe the improvement was the result of his being out with an injury for a long period, and then returning fresh for the final months. I do not believe that he has the stamina to be a regular member of a rotation, and that doing so would only result in a dropoff in his effectiveness. He might be valuable, however, in short stints out of the bullpen, and for an occasional spot start. Whether he would be willing to do that is another matter.