A good move for a good man

The Colorado Rockies are expected to announce tomorrow that our old friend Jim Tracy is their new bench coach. He has been out of the game for the past year while still being paid by the Pirates, who fired him as their manager after 2007. In all my years of covering ball, Trace is still one of my favorite people that I have met in the game, and it’ll be great having him back in the N.L. West and to be able to see him frequently and catch up.

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  • El Lay Dave

    Tony Jackson: Jim, are you accepting the bench coach position with Colorado?

    Jim Tracy: Is it the case that I will be the bench coach of the Colorado Rockies of Denver? It is possible that the Rockies have an opening and might be interested in extending an offer to me, but at this time nothing official in nature has occurred and I am not, at this time, officially an employee of the Colorado Rockies in the bench coach capacity, nor in any other on-field or off-field role.

    (I kid, I kid… 😛 )

  • Tony Jackson

    That’s a very interesting point that you raise, El Lay Dave, in such a manner as to suggest that the man who occupied the office belonging to the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers for five years and who led those Dodgers to the championship of the National League Western Division in the year 2004 has a tendency to utilize an unusually large amount of verbiage on those occasions when he is attempting to get a point across. Or something like that.

  • … and that Tracy FOREVER used to ask himself questions that he would then answer. Good times.

  • Jim Tracy was always the best interviewer of Jim Tracy.