Spring-training facility update

They put up the lights at the main stadium today, something I noticed as I was on my way to the gym tonight (yes, some of us scribes at least ATTEMPT to live a somewhat healthy lifestyle). Light towers were erected at a couple of the back fields several weeks ago, but the fact they are now up at the main stadium is a real sign of progress. Interestingly, the stadium lights have airplane warning lights on top, which the backfield lights don’t. They’re of roughly equal height, and there is an airport (Glendale Municipal) adjacent to the facility, as well as an Air Force Base (Luke) about five miles to the West. But I digress. Anyway, I’ll try to post regular updates whenever some significant, obvious development takes place over there. It’s amazing that it has only been eight months since I got my first glimpse of the place, when it was nothing but a big, flat patch of dirt. Now, it’s beginning to look like a spring-training complex.

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  • b.h. blue point,l.i.

    Just received email from Dodgers for Spring Training tickets inviting me to “soak up the Sun in Arizona”. The Sun is not the only thing “soaking me” with these prices. Can we please return to Dodgertown !! This is another greedy action to screw the long time fan.