A good move for a good man

The Colorado Rockies are expected to announce tomorrow that our old friend Jim Tracy is their new bench coach. He has been out of the game for the past year while still being paid by the Pirates, who fired him as their manager after 2007. In all my years of covering ball, Trace is still one of my favorite people that I have met in the game, and it’ll be great having him back in the N.L. West and to be able to see him frequently and catch up.

Dodgers-Giants rivalry heading for another showdown?

OK, this isn’t something anyone has told me, and it isn’t something that is being reported. It’s just a logical inference I am making based on the information that I have. But it APPEARS that the CC Sabathia sweepstakes could come down to two final teams: the Dodgers and the Giants. This is based on one very big assumption, which is this: the fact Sabathia still hasn’t accepted the Yankees’ offer of six years, $140 million, which was made almost a week ago, seems to suggest that maybe he just doesn’t want to pitch for the Yankees. I’m not stating that as a fact. I’m only saying that is what it seems to suggest. Anyway, we know CC wants to pitch for an N.L. club because he likes to hit. We know he just purchased a home in SoCal. And we know he wants to stay close to home. That pretty much leaves the Dodgers and Giants. Padres are dumping payroll to the point that they’re shopping Jake Peavy, so they’re out. Diamondbacks aren’t adding payroll, and besides, they have Brandon Webb and Dan Haren. So it LOOKS like that is where this whole thing is headed, provided the Dodgers don’t re-sign Manny Ramirez anytime soon. This much is clear: they WON’T sign both Manny and CC.

OK, here is the deal on CC Sabathia

Just found out that the Dodgers have NOT made an offer and that they aren’t ABOUT to make an offer. This does not mean, however, that they WON’T make an offer at some point. The Dodgers ARE interested in CC Sabathia, and if you believe what you read just about everywhere these days, he is at least somewhat interested in them. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, especially given that the Yankees have offered what they reportedly have offered. … Also just found out that the Dodgers AREN’T talking to the Jays about Halladay. Oh, and there is apparently another report out there (I haven’t seen it, was just told about it) that they are in hot pursuit of Raul Ibanez, which would make no sense given that the last thing the Dodgers need is another outfielder (at least not another outfielder NOT named Manny Ramirez). There is no truth to that report, either.