Living La Vida Ballplayer

OK, maybe I don’t have the money or the women. But I DO have the house in Arizona. Here’s the deal: although the unwritten but largely followed rule that all major-league ballplayers MUST live in either Florida or Arizona doesn’t necessarily apply to beat writers, I have decided, for a variety of reasons (most of them financial), to follow it anyway. I am now primarily an Arizona resident, having recently purchased a shiny new home DIRECTLY across the street from the Dodgers’ new spring-training complex (yesterday, I watched from my upstairs window as a work crew hung the green screen on a batter’s eye on one of the back fields — I am THAT close). My superiors at the Daily News have been gracious enough to allow me this change, which in reality isn’t going to affect my coverage of the team in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. I will continue to cover the team just as I have for the past five years, which will mean renting in Los Angeles during the season (I’m open to suggestions on that, but as BaseballSavvy recommended in a recent email exchange, I will start with craigslist). Who knows, if I’m feeling particularly motivated, I might even make it to a couple of Arizona Fall League games before the season ends in a few weeks. But just to reassure you, the loyal readers, NOTHING WILL CHANGE as a result of this.