Dodgers are NOT in pursuit of Jack Wilson

Just found out there is nothing to the Wilson story, that the Dodgers haven’t talked to the Pirates about him in months. Not sure exactly where the Dodgers are going to go shortstop-wise if they don’t re-sign Furcal, but if they can add offense at another position, they just might be inclined to give Hu/Abreu/Berroa a shot.

  • DNoz29

    Thank God.

  • karmabad

    ” Hu/Abreu/Berroa”

    Oh dear lord. There goes any chance of our SS ever getting on base. We’re going to miss a healthy Furcal, badly.

  • kensai

    Yeah, but if you can’t get Furcal back, it’s probably best to go with Hu/DeJesus/Berroa anyway.

    Why pay 8 million dollars a year for mediocrity when you can get it for practically free?

    And you don’t have to trade away 3 young players or give up a first rounder.

  • joshburke2

    Furcal=2 yrs/21 mil + incentives (600 ab/150 g)