Dodgers reportedly trying to acquire Jack Wilson

This is the link to an Associated Press story out of Pittsburgh — the story appears on the USA Today web site, but the byline is that of Alan Robinson, who is the AP guy in Pittsburgh — stating that the Dodgers are in a hard pursuit of longtime Pirates SS Jack Wilson, a Thousand Oaks High alum who, presumably, would be thrilled to come home. He is a fomer All-Star (2004) and a brilliant defensive shortstop, but he isn’t a high-OBP guy or a big basestealing threat. So while he might be a good candidate to replace Rafael Furcal at his position, the Dodgers would probably need someone else to lead off.

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  • redeyewriter

    Jack Wilson? Seriously? Just what we need – less offense. He may be a stop gap measure until Ivan DeJesus Jr is ready, but with all the holes we have, for this to be our first deal of the winter makes me wonder what exactly the McCheaps are putting in their morning coffee.

  • JLS23

    3 years of Casey Blake and two years of Jack Wilson. :puke:

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    What worries me is not so much the acquisition of Wilson, but exactly what the Dodgers would surrender in return. I’m especially concerned with the Dodgers desire to have the Pirates pick up a piece of his contract. I was recently reminded of what the Dodgers did to acquire Casey Blake last July. In return for having the Indians pick up the remaining $2 million left on Blake’s contract, the Dodgers agreed to include Carlos Santana and Jon Meloan. The most recent Baseball America rates Santana the #1 prospect in the Cleveland system. Was that worth $2 million? Teams give larger bonuses/contracts to unproven AMATEUR draftees/free agents, but the Dodgers were yet willing to include Santana, an accomplished PROFESSIONAL, in order to avoid paying $2 million.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I just checked out Jack Wilson’s career stats at The link follows:

    If the price were right (really, really cheap in players), then it might not be a horrible move, if, in fact, the Dodgers see Wilson as only a temporary body to hold the position for one of their younger players (De Jesus, Hu, and further down the road, Devaris Gordon). In spite of what I read, I really have no opinion on Wilson’s defense, since I haven’t seen him play on a regular basis. However, there is concern with his lifetime .312 OBP, which was the same in 2008. However, if he could put together a year like 2007, when he hit .296, in 135 games, with an OBP of .350, and 12 HRs, then he wouldn’t be a bad guy to have, perhaps hitting 8th. His strikeout numbers aren’t too bad either. Since the team holds the option for 2010 (with only $600K needed to buy him out), it wouldn’t represent a very long commitment, thereby providing the Dodgers with a degree of flexibility.