Dodgers’ trio misses out, along with almost everyone else

Former New York Yankees second baseman Joe Gordon was the only player elected to the Hall of Fame this morning on the Veterans’ Committee ballot, but no one else who was on that ballot — including Dodgers legends Gil Hodges and Maury Wills and current manager Joe Torre, who was on the ballot as a player and is a lock to make it as a manager one day — got enough votes. Former Cubs 3B Ron Santo, who is becoming the Susan Lucci of Hall of Fame hopefuls, led all post-WWII players with 39 votes, appearing on 60.9 percent of the ballots, but under the current rules, that wasn’t enough.

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  • snuffy02

    This has become a disgrace. How guys like Bill Mazeroski & Tony Perez get in yet Gil Hodges, Maury Wills, & Ron Santo (not to mention others) don’t is beyond belief. It is an attitude/political problem with this veteran’s committee. As Joe Morgan, who has a vote, said “I don’t vote for anyone else because no one was better than me.” Give me a break.

  • snuffy02

    Also: Gordon was on a different veteran’s ballot than Hodges, Wills, Santo, et al. There was the pre-1943 career committee where Gordon got 10 votes & got in while there was the post-1943 career committe where Santo got the most votes but not enough to get in.