Dodgers might have interest in Omar Vizquel

He clearly would be nothing more than a fallback plan if the club doesn’t sign Rafael Furcal, he’ll turn 42 in April, and he hasn’t hit better than .250 in three years. But he IS an 11-time Gold Glove winner and would be another excellent addition to the clubhouse. He also would shore up the SS position for a year until Ivan De Jesus is ready, although he wouldn’t come close to providing the offense Furcal did.

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  • cheba63

    They’ve gotta have a back-up plan better than this…

  • snuffy02

    I heard Mark Belanger is also available. Nothing but the best for us Dodger fans.

  • cheba63

    Next up: Hoffman, Ramirez, and Randy Johnson.

  • dodgrdog88

    Hahaha… this is what’s wrong with the Dodgers. Not to say this is remotely accurate or anything, but for the notion that they MIGHT have interest in ANOTHER 40+ over-the-hill player just goes to show the lack of thought put in to some of these ideas. Vizquel hit .222 last season and .246 the year before. His OBP barely touched the .300 mark either year. If there is no other bat acquired for the middle of the lineup, and they fail to retain Furcal, then quit wasting time and effort and just stick with the Berroa/Hu platoon.

  • Samhain31

    Jeez, Vizquel’s old and a mere shadow of the player he was.
    Ned can try to sell the “great addition in the clubhouse” P.R. spin all he wants; but why Tony jackson parrots it is beyond me…

  • Spud

    Just play Hu, enough of this BS if they don’t sign Furcal then they play Hu. Vizquel is useless, sure he has great defense but Hu can give us that too and he’ll give us the same type of offense Vizquel would give us or better.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    This “excellent addition to the clubhouse” stuff has its limits. I realize that what goes on in the clubhouse can play an important role, and I also understand that having a few solid citizen veteran types has its merits. However, in the end the game is played on the field, not in the clubhouse. At this stage of their careers, compared to Vizquel, Hu is probably the superior defensive player. And despite his troubles at the plate last year, I am guessing that Hu is also superior offensively as well. I’ll even take Berroa over Vizquel. At least with Hu you might find a future, where there is none with Vizquel.

    If they would sign Vizquel because they have that little faith in Hu’s ability, then hand the job to De Jesus and let him grow. DeWitt made the jump with less than a full year of AA behind him, no reason not to give De Jesus the same opportunity if the only other alternative is Vizquel.

  • karmabad


    I get it…haha, that was a good one. Oh, you’re being serious? If that’s the case when are open tryouts for the Dodgers? I’m pretty sure I can still dig out ground balls and hit .200. Actually, maybe he can just field and we can somehow sneak in the ball boy/girl to hit for him when he leads off?

    If this happens those bastards up north will laugh their asses off.


  • Dave R.

    This has to be some sort of sick joke.

    An infield of Loney (no disrespect), DeWitt, Vizquel, and Blake would have to be among the worse in baseball from an offensive standpoint. Ugh…

  • lawdog

    Why settle for Vizquel? Maury Wills isn’t playing for anyone else and he has a better bat! *-*

  • RMI

    You guys are just proving what mindless parrots you are. Do you just eat up the snarky, FJM-minded psuedo-analysis and spew the “Younger is better” credo at all times?

    Brookyln: Hu a better defense than Vizquel?! Seriously, look at some of the advanced defensive metrics. Vizquel was better at EVERY SINGLE ONE last year. There is absolutely no objective measure that ranks Hu above Vizquel. Seriously, Vizquel is a real value play as a million-dollar bench guy who is still a 5 star defender.