Saito might be done with Dodgers

Ned Colletti characterized the negotiations as “a staredown,” and although he didn’t say it, it was clear that if Saito doesn’t reach agreement with the club by Friday, the deadline for clubs to offer contracts to their arbitration-eligible players, he will be non-tendered and sent into what is shaping up as free-agent purgatory this winter for many of the game’s unsigned players. The Dodgers are offering an incentive-laden, one-year deal, with those incentives presumably based on games finished. Saito’s representatives want a stronger guarantee, something the Dodgers are never going to give the right-hander given his recent health issues and inconsistency. In fact, as many as five of the Dodgers’ eight arbitration-eligibles — Saito, Angel Berroa, Yhency Brazoban, Scott Proctor and Jason Repko — are in at least some danger of being non-tendered on Friday if they don’t agree to terms. In Brazoban’s case, he is almost a lock to be non-tendered because of his continued failure to lose weight and get into better physical condition. … By the way, I got bad info earlier. The Dodgers are NOT interested in Omar Vizquel.

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  • Thank God.

  • Funny how nobody questions that Ned would be interested in Omar Vizquel? That’s his type of “fallback.”

    Old? Check.
    Expensive? Check.
    Keeps a younger/cheaper/better player off the field? Check.

  • cheba63

    Ex-giant? Check. Although, I doubt he would be expensive.

    Also, apparently the Dodgers are now willing to go past two years on a deal for Furcal. Do you have any updates on him, Tony?

  • Spud

    It’s crazy how the Dodgers are willing to go 3 years for Furcal and Blake but won’t for Manny.

  • cheba63

    Well, to be fair, both Blake and Furcal are considered high character guys, and one year of Manny costs well more than Blake’s entire contract, and they could get Furcal for four years for what they offered Manny for two. And yeah, I know, Manny is also one of the best hitters in the game, so it’s kind of hard to compare the three.

  • lawdog

    Manny is more than one of the best hitters in baseball. When he’s happy, he just might be the best hitter in the game. And whether by design or just plain old good fortune, he fits with this team and drives everyone around him to take their games to an other level.

    I think we’re very lucky that the response to his free agency has been so luke warm. If some other team had landed him as a free rental last year and had an experience similar to the one we’ve had, do you think for a minute they wouldn’t have already locked him up when the market for him was cool like this? Fred and Ned are either idiots for not seeing the situation as a fortuitous business opportunity which they should take advantage of immediate or they are playing a very dangerous game of chicken. If they try to freeze him down a couple of million more by continuing to refuse negotiations in good faith they run the risk of someone elsde grabbing him and losing a chance to sign alternatives like Dunn who may sing elsewhere before we finish playing games with Manny and Borass.

    Just get it done! Sign Manny to a three year deal with a 4th conditional on his performance in year three. Then we can sign Furcal and a cheap starter like Moyer and we’ll be in the playoffs next year.

  • snuffy02

    Dodgers biggest problems–the McCourts & Ned No Head. Frank & Jamie McCourt are indebt owners who take $50 mill apiece right off the top per year. Just buying twin Malibu estates will cost them (and us fans) from signing big cash free agents. The McCourts need the money themselves. As for Ned No Head, he just doesn’t know what he’s doing. To guarantee a player like Casey Blake 3yrs. at 35 yrs. old yet won’t go 3 yrs. for Furcal or Manny or Lowe is absurd. These spring training tix prices, the highest in MLB history; the continuing jack up of Dodger Stadium tix & stuff is just paying off McCourt’s debts & new mansions. What a joke & audacity for Jamie to ask should fans want free agent players or 50 LA baseball fields for under-privledged kids when the jacked up prices are really going to the McCourts bankrupt Boston parking lots, their Fox loans, and lavish new homes. MLB had no business allowing people like the McCourts own a team like the Dodgers. As long as the McCourts are the owners we are doomed.

  • lawdog

    Snuffy?? Old friend, is that really you? You have been missed by the old boards. We were just wondering whatever happened to you and Honey Brown on the Worldcrossing board a couple of weeks ago. And Mover started his own board a while back because there was too much political talk on the other.

    Why don’t you drop by both places and let everyone know you are still alive and well! (Anyone else interested–these are too great blogs that are open to the public. No one can compete with Tony Jackson, of course, but these two boards are like Dodger families. But I’m not trying to advertise them. Just let an old friend know where we are now.)

  • b.h. blue point,l.i.

    I’m a perfect fit for the McCourts and Colletti. I’m a 62 year old shortstop and will sign for the MLB minimum. My range is limited to where I’m standing and my defense is better then my offense. Second thought, I don’t want to have to watch this mess of team play 162 games in person so please withdraw my offer.

  • snuffy02

    Lawdog bro!!!! Good to hear from you my friend! It is the original Snuffy & I am still with Honey Brown. I will come see you on the other boards. Yeah, go Lawdog!!!

  • Snuffy old friend–it’s great to hear from you again after all these years. I’m glad to hear you’re still together with Honey Brown as well. You’ll probably get a rousing ovation from many old friends if you drop by and tip your cap on those other boards.

    I can see from perusing your posts on this blog that you are still the same shy, sensitive poster who would rather say nothing at all than say something bold which might offend someone else. ūüėČ

    Anywhoo, it’s good to make contact with you again! Take care of yourself and give my regards to your lady!