Oakland increases four-year offer to Furcal

He rejected the A’s earlier offer, so whether he accepts this one probably depends on his reason for rejecting the first one. Was it because it wasn’t for enough money? Or was it that Raffy simply didn’t want to play in Oakland? If it’s the latter, that works in the Dodgers’ favor, especially given that we know the Dodgers are his first choice. If it’s the former, he is probably on the verge of being gone.


Also, Chan Ho Park has agreed to terms with the Phillies on a one-year, $2.5 million deal, with incentives that could double his salary. It is contingent on his passing a physical.

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  • Buddy

    Good move by philly in signing Park, Dodgers were incompetent not to resign him, especially given the price he signed for. He was great this year in long relief and spot starting.

    Dodgers should pass on Furcal unless he agrees to an incentive laden deal given his recent injuries. They could find a more reliable SS on the cheap while remaining competitive. (Not Berroa but he is reliable off the bench). They could use those Furcal dollars on pitching and possibly resigning Ramirez.

  • Harpo JB

    “Good move by philly in signing Park, Dodgers were incompetent not to resign him”

    Is ignorance truly bliss? The only incompetence about Park’s signing with Philadelphia is on the part of anybody who thinks the Dodgers could have re-signed him if they wanted him to continue to pitch mainly in relief.

    The following is from the Philadelphia Daily News / Inquirer:

    >>> begin copied/pasted text < << There had been reports that the Phillies were close to coming to terms with Park to improve their bullpen. However, the pitcher said he opted for the Phillies in part because they viewed him as a starter. "I was a little worried about the Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Phillies, which is hitter-friendly," he said. "But as they considered me a starter, I signed with Philadelphia." >>> end copied/pasted text <<<