Rafael Furcal reportedly agrees to terms with … Atlanta

That’s according to Foxsports.com, where Rosenthal is reporting the deal, three years with a vesting option for 2012, will be announced later today. What this means for the Dodgers is that they’ll either pursue Orlando Cabrera or trade for a SS. It remains unclear whether the Dodgers ever offered to guarantee a third year, but my guess is they did. Braves simply added an option year, and Atlanta is obviously a comfortable fit for him.


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  • Having been at that last (painful) post-season game where Rafael made three errors in one inning (within about 5 minutes, right?) I am kinda glad to see him go. I was wearing my FURCAL jersey that night (purchased at TJ Maxx for $12 while he was on the DL)…and had dozens of comments about how I should take it off, throw it away or burn it as we all (sadly) exited the stadium that night.
    I will never forget the pain of that game. Ugh. I swear it still hurts as I write this!!
    …maybe he had Georgia on his mind all along.

    (Hey, let them know that they can have Andruw back too!)

  • I think you’ll regret hating Furcal if you ever get the “joy” of watching Orlando Cabrera play SS after you realize you’re paying him only 4-5 million less and he cost a first rounder. 😮

  • TeamHasHoles

    I’d do Cabrera if he’s come on a 2 year deal, which isn’t likely at this point in the offseason…

    Frankly, if they just sign Manny, they could put DeJesus Jr. there at shortstop or sign Berroa and be done with it. All they need is a strong defensive shortstop if they have Manny in the fold. That’s what won them the division last season. Pitching, Defense and MANNY!

  • karmabad

    I have zero patience for the Dodgers this off season. Zero. I expected him to not return, as I expect Manny to not return.

    This is LOS ANGELES! The 2nd biggest market outside of New York. Act like you have a pair Ned and Co. and make something SIGNIFICANT happen this winter. I saw the way Martin, Loney, Bills, Kemp, Ethier etc played against the Phillies, and that won’t cut it. We need top not players as well with EXPERIENCE to reach a championship. I don’t want to hear comparisons about the Rays either because I don’t think they’re run will happen again in ’09.

  • Furcal has signed with the Braves. Ow! Oh, thats right. He cant stay healthy. Its probably a good thing we didnt get him.

    Hey! Look at those grapes growing up on that wall. Maybe I can climb up and eat some of them. Naw! Theyre up to high and the walls too slick to climb. Aw wellthey probably are sour anyway.

  • DeJesus Jr is hitting .342 in winter ball right now. Welcome our new young and dirt cheap shortstop. Management is driving me crazy. Theyb had an opportunity to field a team that would challenge for the championship this year by signing Manny, Furcal and Ben Sheets. It looks like they’re not going to sign any of these guys now in an effort to save money.

    They are screwing their fans and there will be hell to pay down the road if they let Manny get away and don’t get a quality starter like Sheets. It is also incumbent upon them to sign a quality shortstop like Cabrera if they are serious about competing next season. Pierre and Randy Johnson are not going to make the nut!

  • Why would anybody want Orlando Cabrera?

    34 years old? Costs a 1st rounder. Will command 2-3 years and like 8-9 million.

    OPS+ of 84 last year, only one year above 100, no power, doesn’t walk, is a clubhouse problem, average defensively.

    I dunno.

  • Do you want to go into the season with DeJesus or Berroa playing short? There aren’t too many options left at ss.

    Actually, if we sign Manny and Sheets I’d be happy with DeJesus at short–take a chance and see if the .342 average this winter means he’s come of age. But we’ve got to have that power hitter Manny represents and one more starter if we want to compete. I don’t think Frank is going to sign anybody now. We’re going to go into the season with Pierre in left and pray Schmidt can make it all the way back. If that happens we won’t sniff the playoffs in 2009.

  • TeamHasHoles

    If the Dodgers don’t sign Manny, it better be because they’re…

    a) About to finally deal some of their tremendous minor league depth for a monster bat that’s younger and less flakey than Manny (and I have no idea who that would be by the way since Matt Holliday’s already been traded).


    b) Getting ready to back up the Money Truck to Matt Holliday after this season.

    Neither is likely.

  • kiyo8

    i am really upset with the dodgers organization i dont want our starting ss to be a guy named HU he cant hit a lick.. furcal was a good ss when healthy i kno the problem is he rarley is healthy… frank mccourt has to stop being a cheap guy spend some cash…says he wants to get a number 1 starter but wont throw the cash out there wants to get manram and sounds like the yankees gonna go after manram if they lose out on texeria…….. looks like were gonna have a triple AAA team thanks mccourts and ned u losers go find a new job … i wish the mlb could revoke there ownership for being morons !!!!

  • El Lay Dave

    I’m with Kensai: just say “NO” to an overpriced, overaged, overrated, and “overTyped” Orlando Cabrera. NO thank you very much.

    IF a big bat comes to LF (Manny, Dunn, Burrell, heck maybe Bobby Abreu), then I’d be happy to give Hu (who is at least a fantastic glove man and we can hope his eye problem is in the past), DeJesus and whoever else their shots at SS and 8th hole.

    But, if the LA FO is hoping for Jones to make a comeback in CF, or for the leadoff-hitter/LF to be Juan Pierre, the Dodger offense and attendance will be joining the economy in the recession.

    Team Has Holes: “back up the Money Truck to Matt Holliday after this season” …… and his agent Scott Boras. The 2009 FA list looks mighty thin. If Holliday has a good year in the AL, he’ll be in high demand with little supply/competition out there. If there’s a LF FA in the Dodger’s future, it looks to be more reasonably priced this year.

  • Hu’s that you say? I’m afraid there’s very little doubt about it. If Frank continues to sit on his hands–letting Manny get away and neglecting to sign a quality FA starter–well if that happens many loyal Dodger fans will probably choose to sit this season out. McCourt is truly “felony stupid”.

  • El Lay Dave

    And how many more prospects will Ned SELL OFF to offset part of the contract of the SS he trades for? And what SS is worth trading for? Yunel Escobar? He’s going to be Peavy-bait, right?

    I can see it now – Ned trades for Miguel Tejada and $8M to cover 2/3 of what he’s owed for the last year (2009) of his contract in exchange for McDonald, Lambo, Baez and a PTBNL who turns out to be Ethan Martin, who can’t be traded yet according to rule.

  • BruinFBBB

    Inside the Dodgers Comments Page: Myopia Lives Here