Correcting the contract numbers

It’s actually three years and $30 million, not $33. It breaks down to $6.5 million in 2009, $8.5 million in 2010 and $12 million in 2011, with a $3 million BONUS (not a buyout) that he gets at the end of the contract regardless of whether the option vests. The option is, as previously reported, $13 million, and it vests if he has 600 plate appearances in 2011. That’s a lot of PAs even for a leadoff guy. If you assume 4.5 per game, that’s 133 games, which is very reachable if he stays healthy and not so reachable if he doesn’t.

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  • Marcel

    Multiple sources say the option is $12M.

    This would bring the total value of the contract to $42M over 4 years ($10.5 average annual value).

  • El Lay Dave

    3/30 or 4/43 then. Furcal has to get those 600 PA in his age 33 season, no gimme.

    In the nine seasons of the 2000s, there have been only 30 600-PA seasons for middle infielders 33+. And twelve of those are Vizquel, Biggio and Kent. Last year three SS did it, Jeter, Tejada, O. Cabrera.

  • TeamHasHoles

    This is a solid contract for both. since it’s back loaded with a “signing” bonus it actually gives the Dodgers some flexibility right now (by my count, they’re at roughly $70 million with two 25-man spots to fill.)

    Here’s one man’s version of the MLB team for next season as the players currently stand on the team (23 players right now). salaries are there, in the case of young players with no arby rights, I’ve estimated what they’ll make next season based on service time. Also Andruw gets a $2.1 million signing bonus this season not added to the total)

    Player Salary
    Chad Billingsley 0.45 (est)
    Hiroki Kuroda 10.00
    Clayton Kershaw 0.35
    James McDonald 0.30
    Jason Schmidt 16.00
    Ramon Troncoso 0.35
    Hong-Chih Kuo 0.45
    Cory Wade 0.35
    Jonathan Broxton 0.45
    Scott Elbert 0.30
    Andre Ethier 0.45
    Juan Pierre 10.00
    Matt Kemp 0.45
    Delwyn Young 0.35
    Andruw Jones 15.00
    James Loney 0.45
    Blake DeWitt 0.35
    Rafael Furcal 6.50
    Casey Blake 5.83
    Mark Loretta 1.25
    Chin-Lung Hu 0.35
    Russell Martin 0.45
    Danny Ardoin 0.50
    TOTAL ———– 69.98

    They’ve left room for Manny if Manny wants to negotiate and not shove terms down the Dodgers’ throats. Of Course, if Yankees, Red Sox or Angels get involved…..

  • Marcel

    Your list doesn’t take into account Martin, Ethier and Broxton’s arb raises. You are looking at $10M combined, probably.

  • Marcel

    Also, the ML minimum salary is roughly 400K, with incremental raises for guys like Billinglsey, Kemp, and Loney (all will be in the 500-600K range).

  • It is 3 years for 33 million, not 30 million. Because if the Dogs don’t go 4 years he gets a $3 million dollar buy out which has to be added into the 30 million he gets for the 3 year period. I don’t care if you call it a bonus or a buyout–either way he gets it and you have to figure it into what we’re paying for him if we only go 3 years. If it’s a bonus, you have to add it in to the money for the option year.

    So the deal is for 3 years for $33 million or 4 years for $46 million if he meets the requirements for the 4th year vesting.

    What I like about this deal is the way it’s significantly backloaded giving Ned and Frank more available cash this year to sign Manny–who hopefully will similarly backload a 3 year deal with a vesting 4th year so we’ll have enough scratch to sign a quality starting pitcher like Ben Sheets. Next year, Fat boy Jones and Sore armed Schmidt will fall off the books making it less painful to pay these three guys.

    I haven’t felt this good since we won the Division last year!

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    What’s a lousy $3 million? The revised numbers came down from $33 million to $30 million. If the 4th year vests, the total is $42 million. Reportedly breaks down as follows:

    2009 = $6.5 million
    2010 = $8.5 million
    2011 = $12 million
    $3 million deferred bonus
    2012 = $12 million (vests if Furcal has 600 plate appearances in 2011.

    Link follows:

    Definitely backloaded for flexibility. Actually, in 2009 Raffy will be making less than Jack Wilson.

  • Marcel


    There is also a report from the AP that Furcal can earn $1M annually in performance bonuses for staying healthy. That would bump the max total to 4 yrs/$46M.

  • Oops!

    Egad! I can’t even do simple math anymore, even when allowed to use the fingers on both my hands! Tony and the rest of you are correct and I am wrong above. Another example of the ravages of old age. If the alternative wasn’t so dire I’d suggest not letting it happen at all. ūüėČ

    Its a 27 million dollar deal for 3 years which becomes 3 years 30 million if the 4th year doesnt vest. If it vests, it becomes a 4 year 42 million dollar deal.

  • What is a lousy $3 million among friends, eh?

  • Do you think the Dogs will ultimately offer Manny something like $78 million for 3 years with a 4th year vesting at 26 million if he hits at least 35 hrs, bats at least .300 and plays in at least 142 games in the third season?

    Then break it down so he gets $9.5 million in 2009, 29.5 million in 2010, 29.5 million in 2011, 26 million in 2012 if the deal vests after the 2011 season and a “bonus” of 15.5 million whenever the contract ends (either 2011 or 2012 depending on vesting.)

    That would leave us Sheets money if he’ll backload as well.

    Wouldn’t that be the ticket if we could have all three of those guys going into next season! You can start printing world series tickets Frankie Boy!

  • Of course, 2012 will be one expensive year with all our young players coming of age and demanding their piece of the pie if we want to keep them. But the world is supposed to end that year anyway, isnt it?

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    I also believe that 2012 is the year in which the Dodger Stadium renovations will be complete. Probably a big revenue producer.

    Also, I believe that around 2012 (I’m not certain of the timeline) the Dodgers will be out from under the restriction in their deal with News Corp. which ties them to FOX. Maybe about that time they launch a new regional network.

    If I’m correct, the end of the world will really be a bummer.