Kuroda is fine

I just talked to Stan Conte, who told me the Dodgers have had Kuroda on a strengthening program for his right shoulder, where you may recall he had some soreness that landed him on the DL for the second half of June. He is fine now, but Conte and his team made it very clear to Kuroda that the success of this program depends upon his staying on a regular routine with it all the way through the end of spring training. That clearly includes the time of the WBC. Conte did say that Dodgers officials never specifically told Kuroda he should skip the WBC. But they certainly are happy to hear that he plans to. In the end, this is a perfect case of a guy putting his team’s needs ahead of his own, individual desires. Good for him, I say. … I’m off on another vacation tomorrow. See you on Jan. 9.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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  • snuffy02

    Keep living off the teats Tony; have a wonderful holiday season.

  • Public_Enemy#1

    snuffy, I am also ridiculously upset by the way the ownership and front office is handling this team, however to chastise Tony for “living off the teats” is unreasonable. The guy is doing his job, and doing an amazing job may I add. If you read his blog to simply post negative and insulting comments directed towards him , do me and the rest of his readers a favor either stop being a jerk or stop posting all together. Like I said, I am also fed up with the front office and the McCourts, and I think that this blog is a perfect place to air your frustrations with the team, but not with Tony.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Public Enemy,

    I absolutely agree with your comments concerning Snuffy’s negativity. He is clearly offensive. However, the best way to handle a half-wit of his ilk is to ignore him. If we’re lucky he will eventually go away. If not, just laugh, feel pity for his unbalanced state of mind, and be happy that he, not you, has to live with himself 24/7. Count your blessings.

    If Snuffy should respond to this post with his usual senselessness, rest assured, I will NOT respond. Neither should anyone else.

  • Shut the fuck up, snuffy.

  • snuffy02

    Nothing like some good old censorship…Happy Holidays to all!!!

  • snuffy02

    Tony is a hack; a bag boy for the boys downtown. He hasn’t written a critical word in his life about present day Dodger management. He’s enjoying the teat; he’s part of their promo team. You guys freak out (especially Brooklyn guy who says I’m offensive, but has no problem calling someone “a half-wit,” “senseless,” “unbalanced,”) just because someone has a different opinion than lapdog Tony & you posters. Glad tidings to the McCourts & their cult.

  • BruinFBBB

    Better to be a hack with good intentions than a troll with bad ones.

  • Vasquez

    Wow you have no idea what you are talking about. Not only is Tony one of the best writers around… period, but he is also one of the nicer people you will meet. I’m going to school for journalism and Tony was nice enough to take me out to a game with him and show me the ropes. Many people in this business are jerks, with no time for anyone, but Tony went out of his way for me when he didn’t have to. Not to mention his work with this blog is cutting-edge. Give us all a break and relax man, we know you just want a reaction out of us and you’re not going to get it. Read the blog, and enjoy the info, if you have a problem with the Dodgers and their management, leave a voicemail

  • snuffy02

    I met Tony too; last spring, seemed like a nice guy, big deal. I met the McCourts on a few occasions, they sent me an autograph ball congratulating me on my marriage at Dodgertown; seemed like nice people. Big deal. Met Tony in Vero last spring when he was running around Dodgertown drumming up the McCourts move to Arizona as the greatest thing ever. Of course he had no objectivity as he never mentioned he had bought his house right across the street to the Dodgers new site in Glendale as the McCourts have him right in their back pocket. He is just a shill for the McCourts and their inept management. As far as cutting edge, what the heck is so cutting edge as having a blog? You & Bruin & Brooklyn & kensai can call me all the names you want, it still doesn’t negate that the McCourts are incompetent and Tony is their puppy. The McCourt cult lives…have a wonderful holiday season.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Apparently the Dominican newspaper Impacto DePortivo is reporting that Manny will sign a 3 year contract with the Yankees for $75 million. Knowing the Yankees, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if this were true, despite the skepticism that’s also being reported.

    If accurate, I doubt if Manny could get a comparable offer from any other team. If that’s the case, the Dodgers will likely focus on pitching and another of the available impact bats. Of course, they could also gamble that Andruw Jones will mount a comeback, but I doubt that’s something they would do.


  • Dave R.

    guys – what do you care about some tool like snuffy. Just ignore his cynical ass.

    Anyway Tony – don’t listen to morons like this guy. Keep up the good work and please tell Mr. Colletti how many fans the team will lose by not re-signing Manny (hint: it’s a large number).

  • You bet! Let Manny walk–that miserable no good bum who almost carried us on his back, singlehandedly, to the world series last year hitting around .400 with 19 hrs for us in two months. What a bum! We’re much better off with a true professional Mendoza clone named Judy Jones starting in his place! Yep! That’s the ticket! Let Manny go and play Fat Ass in his stead. He hit a resounding .161 with two whole home runs next year. Play Jones everyday (hit him 9th behind the pitcher where he’ll do the least damage) and we’re half way to the playoffs! Maybe he’ll stop stepping in the bucket. Maybe he’ll stop closing his eyes when he swings. Maybe he’ll actually see the ball and start to adjust his swing before the ball hits the catcher’s glove for a called strike.

    Maybe pigs will fly next season!!!

    I still don’t think Manny will sign with the Yanks. They’ve spent over 500 billion already on just two pitchers. If they mortgage anymore of their future it will be for Tex-=a sure thing. Not a 37 year old potential headcase.They’d be better off keeping the predictable .300 lifetime hitter who usually swats 20+ hrs who’s younger and named Abreu at a fraction of what Manny will cost.

    We’re the only team that knows for sure Manny will enjoy playing for us if he feels he hasn’t been cheated. He needs a slight raise from the $25 million the Bosox paid him. Give him a 3 year $78 million dollar deal and be done with it. Backload like we did with Furcal. You could even give him a vesting 4th year with tough numbers to reach for a 40 year old player–like 145 games, 35 hrs, 100 rbis and a .300 average. If he hits that well and is that durable at age 40 he’s worth the vesting 4th year at say 22 million. Now you’ve got your 4 year 100 million deal but you’ll probably only pay $78 for 3. Since the prime interest rate is presently set at 0% he should have no problem deferring a great deal of the money to get us passed the disaster contracts we’re stuck with for Jonesy and Schmidt.

  • lawdog

    Errr… The .161 average with 2 homers were last years stats for Jonesy not next years. I can’t predict the future with that fine an eye.

    This blog could sure use an edit button so geezers like me can correct otherwise embarrassing mistakes.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Actually, it was .158 with 3 HRs. 🙂

    I don’t believe failing to sign Manny means curtains for the Dodgers. After Furcal went down last year, we got practically no offensive production from shortstop. If he’s healthy this year (and the operative word is “IF”), that fills a large void, especially at the top of the lineup. Factor in greater production from the likes of Kemp, Ethier, Loney, DeWitt and Martin (who will hopefully be given a day off once in a while), and then the addition of a bat such as Dunn, Bobby Abreu, etc., and the offense should be fine. I would also hope to see growth on the part of some of our young pitchers.

    Nothing is for certain, but without real growth from our younger players this team will not win with or without Manny. 2008 was the first year that a lot of these younger players finally got a chance to play regularly. With added experience and maturity (both physical and mental) the young players should be poised for a breakout. If not, it doesn’t matter who the Dodgers sign.

  • Right you are oh Brooklyn Dog. Andruw couldn’t even hit .160. He was 45 points below the Mendoza line. I have MLB Extra Innings and got to watch most of the Dog games from my living room in Seattle. I watched that bum Jones carefully because I couldn’t believe anyone could deteriorate that fast at his relatively young age.

    On half his swings, Andrew literally steps in the bucket–something most of us learned not to do while in the early years of little league. The rest of the time, his swing is huge and slow. With a big hole in middle where he used to make contact. I don’t think he can see the rotation of the ball as it leaves the pitchers hand as he appears to be guessing all the way–and guesses wrong almost all the time. If he guesses right, he might hit a foul ball. Otherwise it’s three whiffs and sit your fat butt back on the bench–but grimace and give us that pained half smile as you go back to your seat just so you’ll infuriate all the fans who can see your face.

    Jones is washed up. If we could trade him for a cupcake and a glass of Keystone Ice, we should do it in a New York minute. Otherwise, suck it up and designate him for assignment for the purposes of giving him his outright release. We’ll all feel better once he’s gone and Torre doesn’t have to try and hide him somewhere in the lineup where he’ll do the least amount of damage.

    Keep him and we won’t sniff .500 this year.

  • BruinFBBB

    Brevity, dude…

    .158 says it all…

  • Tony Jackson

    Snuffy, just to clarify, my decision to move to Arizona came AFTER the Dodgers’ decision to move there, and as a DIRECT RESULT of the Dodgers’ decision to move there. Before the Dodgers made the move official, it never crossed my mind to move, so I had no reason to advocate the team’s move from Vero Beach to Glendale.

  • AZShaker


    Don’t even waste your time responding to a tool like snuffy. You’re doing the lord’s work here, (at least in the eyes of Dodger fans). Inside scoop, quality info, solid insight.

    Snuffy, Tony is a sportswriter, and a an excellent one to boot. You are a posting looser, in the same vain as 5th Outfielder, (currently ruining the mlb.com board as joe friday). How about you join him over there, and quit posting you useless drivel here.


  • neoncactus

    Here’s why they need Manny. Jones was a horrible investment and he’s doing nothing in winter ball so far to show improvement. Ethier, Loney, Martin, Kemp, DeWitt may show improvement, but there’s just as good of a chance that they won’t. Look at Arizona, they have young players who are as highly regarded, if not more, than the Dodgers and those players collectively bit last season. Manny provides a known consistency they don’t have, a proven power bat and RBI machine they don’t have and as he did with Ethier last year, he makes the players around him get better pitches. Adam Dunn didn’t make the DBacks turn it around last year, Manny did make the Dodgers turn it around, and that’s why they need him back.

  • AMEN neoncactus!

    (How’s that for brevity Bruin FBs)

  • I’m new here, but for the life of me I can’t understand why anybody would attack Tony Jackson. IMHO we’re damn lucky to have someone like him go get inside information for us and post with us all here like he was just one of us. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I had a job like his, I’d probably be one arrogant sonofabitch and would think it beneath myself to communicate with Dog fans here as if they were actually every bit as good as me. Tony doesn’t have that kind of an ego problem and we’re damn fortunate for it.

    God Bless you Tony! And thanks for making a blog like this available to us all–even guys like me who don’t understand the meaning of the word “brevity”. 😉

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  • Troncoso has learned how to throw an excellent curveball and hes been en fuego in Winterball. Hes 3-0 having pitched 16 innings, given up 14 hits, walked one and struck out eleven.

    That gives him a fabulous bull WHIP of less than 1.0better than Ben Sheets last year, but Ben pitched 198.2 innings instead of 16.

    But Troncoso has not pitched since 11/29. Thats damn near a month. Anybody know whassup with this kid?

    His line through 11/29:

    3 0 2.25 0 16.0 14 4 1 11

  • joshburke2

    “Jamie McCourt’s Worst Nightmare!”

    Dodgers WILL sign Manny to a 1 year deal in the $30 to $35 Million range. It is ON!!!!!!!!!


    6 years $181 million to rich for Fred’s blood. Frank’s wife threatens a divorce if McCourt over bids now.

    According to my cousin Vinny’s luke-warm stove report–the deal is all but done. Manny’s demanding that A-Rod set him up with a date with Madonna and then the fat lady (Steinbrenner’s wife) will commence to sing.

    George is planning to field the first billion dollar roster.

    Ned, Fred and Frank could have signed him for 2 years $50 million with a vesting 3rd year at 22 million if Manny hit .300 with 30 hrs and 100 rbis.

    Instead, Pierre is being given a 25 million dollar extension which will keep him with the Dogs through 2014–insuring that he’ll patrol the outfield for them until he’s ready for that wheelchair. There’s even a clause in the deal requiring the Dodgers to buy him a “scooter”–an electrically driven wheel chair to use in the outfield when his knees fail him in a year or two.

    Vinny is a rumor monger–but he’s always right on! 😉

  • lawdog


    6 years $181 million to rich for Fred’s blood. Frank’s wife threatens a divorce if McCourt over bids now.

    According to my cousin Vinny’s luke-warm stove report–the deal is all but done. Manny’s demanding that A-Rod set him up with a date with Madonna and then the fat lady (Steinbrenner’s wife) will commence to sing.

    George is planning to field the first billion dollar roster.

    Ned, Fred and Frank could have signed him for 2 years $50 million with a vesting 3rd year at 22 million if Manny hit .300 with 30 hrs and 100 rbis.

    Instead, Pierre is being given a 25 million dollar extension which will keep him with the Dogs through 2014–insuring that he’ll patrol the outfield for them until he’s ready for that wheelchair. There’s even a clause in the deal requiring the Dodgers to buy him a “scooter”–an electrically driven wheel chair to use in the outfield when his knees fail him in a year or two.

    Vinny is a rumor monger–but he’s always right on!

  • lawdog

    I don’t know ow I managed to double post like that. And it’s not even that funny. Might cause a heart attack if someone just reads the capatilized heading. If anyone can edit–please delete one of the two posts.

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    Why no smiley face in the second post?

  • lawdog

    Must be a computer bug. I hit the submit button for the first one and the computer started to hang. It never completed the post. So, being old and suffering a little from dementia, I hit the submit button again a few minutes later and BINGO! I have double posted a bad joke and have no idea what happened to the smiley. It must be lost somewhere in cyberspace!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Buddy

    So every noteworthy sports publication is reporting the Dodgers have spoken to the Mets about Andrew Jones and Colletti called Adam Dunn’s agent during the holidays. And this blog is stagnant amid what could be a significant news in the days ahead? Good job Daily News! I figure there’s more than one person on staff who can maintain this blog and keep in interesting.

  • BruinFBBB

    Perhaps you’d be more comfortable somewhere more noteworthy then Buddy.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    Nah, stay and keep complaining…

  • lawdog

    Manny to sign with the Dogs as early as tonight?

    It’s been reported in the media that Ned and Borass are finally talking turkey on a deal for Manny. On other Blogs, Ned is being hailed as “smart” and “savvy”.

    Frankly speaking, I don’t Ned is smart at all in the Manny deal letting it drag on like this.

    Ned is luckynot smart. Manny fell into our laps for free last year and he was without doubt the best hitter in the game for the last two months of the season. He is and has been the best pure hitter/power hitter from the right side the game has ever seen . Maybe Jolten Joe, Hammerin Hank or the Say Hey Kid were in the same leaguebut hes in elite company to say the least.

    The only reason hes going to sign with us is because all the other teams were so set on Tex they didnt give Manny a sniffprobably because hes unpredictable and 37.

    But dont congratulate our GM for his genius. All this time any smart club could have snatched him and wed all be howling for his head. Maybe its the economic times. The owners of the Mets lost 300 million in that Ponzi scheme thats unraveling as I type. Theyd of jumped in if they could have.

    Sometimes its better to be lucky than smart I suppose.

    I remember Tony Jackson, I believe, (it was someone reliable with inside information) reported the offer to Manny was $45 million for 2 years with a $7 million buy out or $21 million for a third year.

    So we offered 2 years at $52 million guaranteed, or 3 years for $66 million if we wanted to go that way. This was slightly better than the 2 years of options at $25 million per held by the Sox before they gave him to us and nullified the options.

    All we have to do is raise the third year to $25.5 million if it vests by his hitting .300, 35 hrs and 100 rbis. Give him another million any year he is MVP of the league or the world series.

    Not much difference to managment. Hes worth the loot if he dont pollute. Give him the jack if he doesn’t pout back. If he hits 35 hrs with 100 rbis and a .300 average, hess worth the third year. If he doesnt, its see ya later.

    Backload about 10 million into the second year and a bonus that is guaranteed at the end of his tenure with the dogswhether we pay the buy out or after the third year has vested and been playedlike Furcals bonus.

    This is very doable for all parties. Sounds like it might happen today. If they wrote him a check for part of 2009s backloaded salary as a signing bonus before midnightthey could write it off this year and spread the deal over 5 years tax wise if he plays for 3 seasons, 4 years if he plays for 2.

    Manny will be motivated to produceand remember he likes LA, the Dodgers, and Joe Torre. What bad boy wouldnt?

  • BruinFBBB

    Screw brevity.

    Three cheers for long-windedness….

  • Spud

    What do you mean lawdog? Ned and Frank have handled the Manny situation very well. Of course the situation would drag on this is Mr. Boras were talking about. The Dodgers threw Boras’s patience right back at him.

  • snuffy02

    As per espn: the Frisco Jints have been quietly talking with Boras to sign Manny since November. Just as they had quietly signed Randy Johnson. The penny pinching McCourts & No Head Ned might have just let Manny slip away to the hated Giants. Also, The Dodgers rotation as it stands now:

    Billingsley (if he recovers from broken leg)
    Schmidt or Vargas


  • Brooklyn Dodger

    According to T.J. Simers, the Dodgers are attempting to cut ties with Andruw Jones in an agreement that would save them about $12 million.


    ESPN has identified the Denver Post as having reported that the Giants are pursuing Manny Ramirez, as does Simers in the above article.

    Of course, we don’t know where the Denver Post got their information (Boras???????????). It is interesting that Boras represents both Manny and Jones. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

    I don’t have a clue how all this is going to end up, but it is interesting.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Further news, this time from Ken Gurnick, on the Dodgers’ attempt to re-work Jones’ contract to free up money for Manny.


    Don’t know how real any of this is, but if it came to pass it would be like killing two birds with one stone. Maybe a second stone for JP?

  • lawdog

    Comcast has the MLB channel. And apparently it’s free as I didn’t order it. Found it last night flipping around through 400 channels looking for something–anything–with the slightest bit of interest to watch and voila! There was Don Larsen pitching a perfect game with no stuff at all. Geez that guy was a stiff! I wonder how he managed to get that Dodger team out 27 times in a row. The good part–got to hear Vin Scully call the 9th inning in his rookie year. I can’t believe how much he improved in a year or two when the Dodgers arrived in LA.

    So that means i can watch MLB 24/7 on channel 216 on Comcast and watch the Dogs play on MLB Extra Innings as well. Although Ruth said she’d go behind my back and cancel MLB Extra Innings if Fred doesn ‘t get off his fat ass and sign Manny already. She asked why would I want to pay that much money to watch a club play .500 ball and finish 3rd or 4th in the weakest Division? She gotten pretty smart since she started watching the games with me.

    Some guy talking about Manny last night on the MLB channel’s hot stove program said it had been established that Manny’s presence in the lineup puts an extra 5000 butts in the stands. That’s not the 10,000 number I’d heard from a sportscaster earlier, but it sure as hell is not chopped liver!

    At $50 per butt over 81 games that’s $40,250,000.00 a year just for the revenues from bringing that many additional fans into the stadium. I think we can afford to pay Manny $52 million for two years with a vesting option for$26,000,000 if he hits .300+, 35+, 100+ in the second year of the deal . That’s all it would take to sign him now. $78,000,000.00 for a return of $120,750,000.00 just in extra fan revenue for the 81 games is just good business in a market with a prime rate of 0% interest. That’s what a $10,000 government Treasury Bill is paying right now. That’s right. 0%.


    What’s Fred waiting for? Ned and Frank won’t do anything but sit on their glands and congratulate each other because they’ve been getting silly press clippings talking about how they’ve “stared down Boras”. If Manny signs with the Giants or Yankees It will be hard to watch them play .500 ball next year and pay for the privilege. We will all be calling for Jed, Fred and Frank’s collective heads.

  • lawdog

    In fact, if you think about it for a minute, not onlt would Frank lose the $120,750,000.00 in revenue for the extra 5000 fans Manny brings in, he’d probably lose at least have that number again (2500) fans who, like me, will be totally disgusted with his crap for brains move in letting a player of this caliber slip through his fingers when good fortune dropped him right in his lap.

    That would amount to $60,375,000. in additional lost revenues for a total loss $181,100,000.00 in order to save $78,000,000.00–for a net loss of $103,100,000.00 just in revunue for lost fans.

    I’ll still be a Dodger fan. Always will. But it’s hard to follow a team with the same enthusiasm when they get torpedoed by management year after year ala the St. Looie Rams.

    Vinny has been broadcasting for the Dodgers now for 58 years? I was born in 1949 and started listening to him when the Dogs moved to LA in 58.

    In the inning I heard him call the Larsen perfecto on MLB channel yesterday (in the series of 56) I thought he sounded a little more like Red Barber than the Vinny we know and love in LA. More excitement in his voice. And talks a lot less. Imparts little information other than reporting what is happening. No attempt to supply information about the players or even call the pitches– fastballs, curves, change ups. He made a reference to Johnny Podres shutout to beat the Yanks in the series the year before, but didnt elaborate. It seemed like Vin Scully Lite.

    Now hes still as good as he was in the late 50s through the turn of the century. He might occasionally call a slider a sinker, or repeat the same color commentary information about a player in two consecutive games. Otherwise, hes perfect! The best Ive ever heard, bar none.

  • lawdog

    Incidentally, I figured my calculations concerning Manny’s value were on the light side. But anticipating a bunch of Lawdog you stupid ass those figures dont mean doodly and you probably pulled them out of your ass responses I figured better to be conservative than give someone an opening to say my figuring of the Dodger losses if they fail to sign Manny are exaggerated and bogus.

    But a lot of the Manny fans fill the cheaper seats and not everyone buys Beer, jersies, caps, peanuts or Dodgerdogs. The figures are defintely low balls and they are real costs profits and losses figured very conservatively. The actual lost profits and losses are much higher.

    Frank and Fred are felony stupid if they let Manny get away. Hes literally a goldmine at twice the price of the contract I suggested, which is just slightly richer in the 3rd year if it vests than the one offered by Fed and Crank.

    It’s awful quiet around here. Makes me feel like I’m talking to myself.

  • snuffy02

    Widely reported the Jints have offered ManRam a 4 yr. deal & Manny will sign on Monday. McCourts might be too late & I guess it is more important for them to begin paying off their new $46 mill mortgage on their new twin Malibu estates.

    Start welcoming big slob Adam Dunn to LA, Dodger fans. And we thought Andruw was over weight & struck out too much, just wait until Dunn wiffs 200 times in the middle of their punch & Judy lineup.

  • snuffy02

    MLB Network is reporting the McCourts have saved $12 mill by deferring Andruw’s salary & he’ll be released soon if no trade is developed. Also, ManRam turned down the Dodgers offer of 3 yrs. $60 mill.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Below is the link to an article written by Ken Gurnick regarding the Jones deal supposedly struck with Boras. The Dodgers do not save $12 million, but instead have deferred that money, reportedly over 6 years. The deal is said to have the approval of the players union, since Jones will be getting all his money, and because if he is released he will be able to sign for additional money with a new team. If not released he can be traded. In any case, he will be effectively gone from the Dodgers, possibly sometime this month.

    The purported purpose of this deal is to free up money in 2009 for Manny. That’s plausible, since Boras is the agent for both Manny and Jones.


    There have also been reports that the Giants have made an offer to Manny. However, there have been other reports downplaying that offer. I have heard that the Giants have a partial ownership in a new regional network, and are projected to have additional revenues to spend. Hopefully, more concrete information concerning Manny will be forthcoming soon. However, with Boras, “soon” may be a bit optimistic.

  • BruinFBBB

    Hey, Manny is a goldmine…every team in the league should be pursuing him b/c of his revenue generating ability…all verified and substantiated by “some guy”…

  • snuffy02

    MLB Home Plate program on XM satellite radio reported this morning that the Jints have offered ManRam 4 yrs. $100 mill & Dodgers have to Monday to top that offer. Boras is getting it done: he found the other team (Jints) to jack up the price for ManRam & he knows the McCourts are relucant to part with their $$$, but what better way to get them to pay Manny than have the hated Jints as their rival for ManRam. Manny is a division changer: whoever signs him automatically becomes favorite to win the weak NL West.

  • BruinFBBB

    What is the point of winning the weak west only to be over-matched in the playoffs with no real shot for a title?

    Save the money. Build for the future. Let the team that shall not be named sign Zito II…

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    If anyone is interested in Dodger contracts, take a gander at the following:


  • Buddy

    The Giants rumor is a hoax. Scott Boras planted the story in the Denver Post.

  • Spud

    Yeah, I doubt that Giants rumor is true.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I don’t have a clue if the Giant rumors are true or not. However, in the event that the Giants actually did end up signing Manny, the Dodgers would only get a 2nd round pick and a supplemental between the first and second rounds. Teams that pick in the top half of the first round are exempt from losing their first round pick when they sign a type A free agent. The Giants pick 6th overall.

  • snuffy02

    MLB TV network on their 7PM Hot Stove show reports that Texas will be entering the ManRam sweepstakes.

  • Spud


    Nope. They don’t even need offense that badly.

  • lawdog

    The latest from Fred on whether or not Ned and Frank will sign Manny this week: (I think Fred is quoting Ned directly here but can’t be sure. Andruw Jones is the source of the quote):

    We told them we were still very much interested in signing Manny although contract-wise, the one we offered before FA signing season and promptly revoked is no longer on the table. We truly want to sign Manny but presently have not offered him Doodley Squat. We are waiting to hear from him to see if he wants to bid against himself and offer to sign with us for something he would feel comfortable with signing. In the meantime, we want to sign Manny but are not comfortable in offering him one red cent to play for us. We want to hear from him as to whether he wants to hear from us in which case well want him to tell us what he wants before well tell him if hes in our ballpark or not. In the meantime, our prior offer remains revoked until we hear a peep out of the Braves. If they announce theyll sign him to an offer sheetwere prepared to pay him $1.00 more than the Braves, spread over 6 seasons of course.

    Otherwise, were Dunn and well go with our kids.

  • lawdog

    Technically we have no idea what is going on with Manny except for the fact that the original offer was immediately withdrawn a few days later and no offer has been made since–not even one lower than the original. And we also know spring training starts in just a few days–not weeks or months. DAYS. And we haven’t got a friggen’ offer before the best hitter in baseball who we would like to play left field for us in a few DAYS..

    So maybe jeb is playing his cards just right and he’s a friggin’ genius. Or –he’s just a very dumb but so far very lucky bastard who is playing cards in such an arrogant fashion as to likely lose Manny and maybe Dunn in the process. Based on what I’ve seen of his track record with the team so far I’d say it’s more likely that it’s the latter than the former which is the situation here.

  • Andrea

    Hey lawdog — players don’t report for Spring Training until mid-February, so it’s weeks, not days … but yeah, I wish they’d stop the stare-down and get back to business.

  • lawdog

    I know I tend to get over emotional at times and maybe have been prone to exaggeration Andrea–a bad habit I should learn to deal with better, but pitchers and catchers report Feb. 12th or 14th–which is too close for me to call it “weeks”. It feels like too few days to have these holes in our lineup. It’s not like we’re adding just a middle inning reliever to the mix. Without Manny in left–we’re no better than just another .500 club. And we’ve lost 2 starters, a lefty set up guy and our closer as we head into middle January.

    When does Jeb plan to put the roster together–August 31st???

  • Buddy

    Looks like the Dodgers will sign Trevor Hoffman by tomorrow. Not a bad signing considering it’s a one year deal.

  • Buddy

    Wow, Hoffman signed with Milwaukee. You think he would have signed with the Dodgers given his family is in S.D. Money Changes Everything.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Jonathan Broxton as our closer? Well, it would work if the guy threw strikes consistently, but… They could have used a guy like Hoffman. Signing Mota is a bad idea (been there done that), Cruz has 1.5 pitches and the Dodgers could use a couple veterans in their pen.

    All along I’ve said Tim Redding would be a terrific addition. for half the price of a Derek Lowe, you get an innings eater who had some dominating performances last season for arguably the worst team in baseball. But what do I know? Ned and Frank will just sit on their hands waiting for players to fall to them like Manny did, which was a once in a lifetime situation.

    Not signing the all-time saves leader over about $1.5 million when your current payroll is around $70 million (including what Martin, Broxton and Ethier will likely get in arbitration) is what I call Penny Wise and Pound Foolish.

    I think it’s becoming more and more apparent that the Dodgers will need to be ready to part with prospects to get the pitching and offensive help (starter and bullpen) that they’ll need. If they even care that is…

  • snuffy02

    With the pitching staff in shambles, the McCourts continue to go on the cheap and lose out to Milwaukee (!) for Hoffman so they can pay for their twin Malibu mansions.

  • lawdog

    Sources close to Borass office say Manny is going to sign with a Japanese team that will pay him 165 million for a 6 year dealplus incentives!

  • Buddy

    Manny would never sign with a Japanese team. Just another negotiating tactic by Boras. You should cite your source, lawdog.