Jonathan Broxton on tentative USA roster for WBC

The Dodgers closer is one of 22 players presently on that roster, which will be finalized as a provisional roster of 45 players by next week. Doesn’t mean he is going to actually pitch in the WBC. But it does mean he is under strong consideration.

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  • El Lay Dave

    Someone here recently complained that Broxton needed to throw strikes more consistently. If he didn’t throw strikes consistently, he couldn’t put up these numbers.

    For 2006-2008 Broxton:
    IP 227.3
    BB 85 (BB/9 3.37)
    K 284 (K/9 11.24)
    WHIP 1.183
    H 184

    That looks like one season of an ace starter to me (admittedly a different role). In fact, compare to Tim Lincecum’s 2008 Cy Young year:
    IP 227
    BB 84
    K 265
    H 182

    Broxton is one day younger than Lincecum.
    WHIP 1.172

  • El Lay Dave

    Oops. That last line is Lincecum’s 2008 WHIP in the wrong place.

  • It wasn’t me, but he just isn’t efficient within the strike zone.

    Scroll down to the Broxton part with the efficiency rating. He’s obviously dominant, as reflected by that ridiculous K/9 but most people’s frustration comes from his inability to put batters away without going 3-2 from 0-2. It costs him from time to time.

    That said, it’s pretty obvious that the people who say he’s not good are idiots of epic proportions.

  • El Lay Dave

    Nice table. That data agrees with what we see – although that high rate of swing-and-miss also contributes to more pitches / PA as well. And more pitches means more chance to leave a pitch where you didn’t intend, as Messrs. Durham and Stairs will attest. 😉

  • I think the thing people overlook is that Broxton could get no better than he’s been the last 3 years and still be a good/great reliever.

    If his command improves, he will simply become elite. Which is why I don’t understand his detractors.

    It seems Broxton’s biggest crime to them is that he’s not Eric Gagne and Takashi Saito. Hardly anybody is.