Dodgers agree to terms with Guillermo Mota

This according to several media reports. It is, as expected, a one-year deal, and it is pending a physical exam. He’ll fit primarily into a seventh-inning role, which is a step down from setting up for Eric Gagne as he so capably did for the Dodgers a few years ago. As of right now, the pecking order is Broxton in the ninth, Kuo and sometimes Wade in the eighth and Mota in the seventh. But that’s just a rough template that could change on a nightly basis depending on the situation.

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  • karmabad

    Well we need some help still…at the moment if the season were to start tomorrow the crappy Giants would give us a run for the NL West title. If they nab Manny we are screwed. I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks we sign a power hitter and 2 starting pitchers…

  • joshburke2

    We don’t really “need” any power hitters and there is no rush. We can wait for the maket to come to us on one power hitter in particular

    The lineup is speedy with deceptive power as is:

    1. Furcal
    2. Kemp
    3. Martin
    4. Ethier
    5. Loney
    6. Blake
    7. DeWitt
    8. Pierre

    The bench however could use a C who can hit (Ausmus) and a SS who can do the same in a bench role (J. Castro), but pretty set after that with loretta, Repko(?), and DY (good switch PH, but could also be upgraded to a known commodity)

    “Needed” are: a Starter who has experience (preferably in playoffs)as a 1-3 rotation guy, and another lefty in the bullpen (D Reyes?)

    The starters being mentioned are: Garland, Wolf (now competing with at least the Mets), Looper (great duality as SP/late inning reliever), Pettitte, and Benson.

  • snuffy02

    The only deception of power in that line-up is you deceiving yourself that there is any power. It is punch & judy without Manny.

  • Public_Enemy#1

    I agree with snuffy, the dodgers roster is awful no power whatsoever unless Kemp, Ethier, and Loney magically become power hitters. Also Ausmus is and will be horrible, why not call-up AJ Ellis? (would be cheaper). We lost out on the SP free agent market, so were stuck with the options of so-so SP’s like Garland and Wolf. Sign Manny and maybe they can make the playoffs…maybe. Although as long as the McCourts and Colletti are in charge, there is no chance of us developing a true contending team.

  • lawdog

    I cant get real excited about the pitchers weve picked up. Vargas is a 30 year old never was who should thank his lucky stars he can draw neked ladies and stay with the long term deal with Playboy.

    Motas effectiveness depends on getting his fastball where he wants it at 97+ mph He has a decent little change upbut without that fastball. His record would indicate that his heater was enhanced by the juice. Hes now 35 years old. No, I dont think hell help.

    Billingsley is going to have to pitch inside before hell be anybodys ace.

    Stults is a finesse pitcher without any stuff. Fatball around 88 mph. Rolling and hanging breaking stuff. Changeup is just a slower straight fatball. Hes situational at best.

    MacDonald is the real deal ands will be ur #4 pitcher before the All Star break.

    Elbert has electric stuff and will either be set up man to Broxton or #5 starter.

    I believe MacDonald and Elbert are ready and will make up for the loss of Lowe and Penny. Theyll be better than Penny. Its our bullpen thats going to get us killed. Signing Motas, Esteses and Vargases will not make the nut.