Correcting Mota’s numbers

Turns out it’s not 750k in incentives. It’s 75k in incentives FOUR TIMES, which means a max. of 300k. He gets 75k for each of 30, 40, 50 and 60 games finished, which means the whole thing is probably moot because unless Broxton and Kuo both suffer season-ending injuries, there is very little chance that Guillermo Mota is going to finish 30 games. Then again, if a pitcher pitches the bottom of the eighth inning of a game on the road, and the home team wins that game without the bottom of the ninth being played, then that pitcher does get credit for a game finished.

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  • Buddy

    A couple of teams were reportedly talking with the Dodgers about trading for Andrew Jones before his release tomorrow. Any word on which teams were interested? I’m surprised this even materialized.

    Looks like Jones won’t be on a major league roster next season anyway, especially given his performance in winter ball, his lack of confidence, and weight issues.

  • joshburke2

    It makes me ill to think that this guy believes in voodoo so much that he all of a sudden can’t hit. Only in baseball…lol

    He’ll bash 22 for ATL this year

  • Tony Jackson

    Buddy, I do know the Reds had SOME interest, as Dusty Baker is said to be a huge Jones fan. But I’m not sure whether they were one of the clubs interested. And given the circumstances, it’s tough to imagine any team giving up anything of value for Andruw when they could simply wait for the release and then sign him.

  • Buddy

    Thanks Tony!