Terms of Mota’s deal

It’s $2.35 million, with another $750k in incentives which would take it to $3.1 million. Still not sure how those incentives break down, but hoping to find out.

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  • El Lay Dave

    Elsewhere I’ve seen reports that the incentives are $75,000 for reaching 30, 40, 50 and 60 games finished – $300,000 max. (Maybe thats incomplete.) If Mota reaches any of those, either the 2009 Dodgers were in deep doo-doo, or he unexpectedly became a surprisingly successful closer. (The only Dodgers to finish 30 or more games the last three years are named Saito and Broxton.)

    If the ’09 teams is in the race late, I wonder which prospects will be “sold” in trade a la Carlos Santana and Michael Watt to avoid taking on contract dollars that could have been covered by this overpriced contract instead.

    I’m also not convinced that a guy who has already served a 50-day suspension for PEDs is the sort of “veteran presence” that should be in the bullpen.