Friends in high places … well, one, anyway

Since all appears eerily quiet on the Dodgers’ front — although I am anticipating it’s going to be a very busy week, what with arbitration figures exchanged and possibly a couple of other things — I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pass on my sincere congratulations to Camille Johnston, the Dodgers’ former VP/communications. You might have already heard, but she has been named director of communications for incoming first lady Michelle Obama, a job she presumably will begin on Tuesday. You may recall that Camille formerly served in the same capacity for Tipper Gore for a time during the Clinton years, which is why T.J. Simers over at the Times would always refer to her in print as “the Tipper Gore lady.” Camille left the Dodgers a little more than a year ago, although like so many others during the McCourt era, it is more likely that she was pushed aside. Camille is a loyal Democrat to the end, and I miss the spirited (and usually friendly) political debates she and I used to engage in from opposite ends of the spectrum. Mostly, though, I just miss having her around all the time. She is a great friend and a great person, and I’m glad to see she has landed on her feet.

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  • JLS23

    OMG— is TJ a Republican? I like you even more if true. I’m feeling pretty alone in my opinions these days. But— 2012 is only 4 short years away!!! Love the jab against the McCourts there…rumor is they pushed Lowe aside too,but at the price Atlanta paid,they can have him.

  • Tony Jackson

    JLS, I’m afraid it’s true. Glad to see there is at least one kindred spirit reading this blog.

  • snuffy02

    I’m not surprised. That’s why Tony moved to Arizona, one of the few red states left outside of the southern KKK states. Tony is similar to Bush, and like most repubs, nice guy, but highly incompetent. Just one day to go of the worst presidency in history, but the TJ reign of hackness continues…

  • El Lay Dave

    Doesn’t the Daily News have a political blog somewhere else?

    Bosses: Gore, McCourt, Obama – one of theses things is not like the others….

    I met Ms. Johnston once. I could imagine Jamie McCourt being intimidated by her presence.

  • Mario DiLeo

    Well, this post certainly brings new meaning to the term “True Blue.” Impeachment may be off the table but remember Nuremburg?

  • JLS23

    So snuffy’s a democrat? Even more proof I’m on the ‘right’ side. I don’t mean to get into a political snit, just glad to see TJ be unafraid to proclaim his leanings in this time of the “Obamessiah.” I wonder which way the McCourts lean?

  • El Lay Dave

    “I wonder which way the McCourts lean?”
    The side the money is on.

    There is far too much chaff in both parties to be able to discern the quality of the grain in either.

  • Realist

    Derek Lowe was not pushed out by the McCourts. It was widely known that Derek never really loved LA, and always felt he was never got enough credit from the fans and the area. When his contract was up he told his agent to not even talk with the Dodgers.

    Pretty close to the truth, Tony?

    I met Mrs. Johnston once at a Dodger function. She was a nice woman. Classy.

    As for Tony being a republican…… this is the first year i didnt vote republican.
    But I didn’t vote for Obama either.


  • Tony Jackson

    Realist, that is PRETTY close to the truth. Close enough, anyway. And like you, I didn’t vote Republican this time, either. I voted for McCain.

  • Realist

    Wasit not Ronald Regan who once sayed,” I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me” ??

    My feelings were similar.


    Ps. Snuffy has some real issues.