Details on Repko’s deal

It is $500k, with $87,500 in incentives based on plate appearances. He gets $12,500 for 100 PAs and $25k each for 150, 250 and 350 PAs. Those might be hard to reach considering he still has an option and isn’t a lock to make the roster. It probably depends on the Dodgers not re-signing Manny and not signing any other veteran OFs. Interestingly, the incentives on this deal are identical to the incentives from the deal he signed last year when he was arbitration-eligible for the first time. He didn’t reach any of them because he spent most of the year in the minors. So the only difference is the base is $12,500 more than it was last year.

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  • Speaking of options, Tony, have you heard anything from the club about Greg Miller? He is also out of options. He is a huge long shot to make the club thanks to his lack of control, but I think the club will give him every chance to succeed since they would have to place him on waivers if he doesn’t make the club out of spring training.

    Or perhaps has Miller fallen so much off the radar that he can squeak through waivers without another team claiming him?

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    From everything I’ve read about Greg Miller, his stuff is as good or better than it’s ever been. Control appears to be the only issue. If you’re correct, and he is out of options (probably true, since I believe he was signed in 2002), then I would hope that he would be given every opportunity to make the opening day roster. If not, I find hit highly unlikely that he would pass through waivers. There has to be a team (especially one in the development stage) that would be willing to open a roster spot for him. They would have a lot to gain, and little to lose.

    I still recall the Dodgers acquiring the wild Tim Belcher in a trade in the 1980’s, and that he suddenly found control when he moved up to the big leagues with the Dodgers. Maybe lightning can strike twice. After all, Sandy Koufax didn’t find control until he was 25 in 1961 (Miller is 24). Miller averaged 8.89 K/9 and 10.57 BB/9 at Las Vegas last year in 48 relief appearances. Given his high BB total, his K’s per 9 innings is quite impressive, since he had to be behind in a lot of counts. Perhaps he would be better off returned to a starting role where he could better pace himself and repeat his delivery more often. Getting out of the hitter friendly PCL probably wouldn’t hurt either.

    At the very least, perhaps the Dodgers could package him in a deal to acquire a player or players of real value. In any case, I would be reluctant to give up on him now, given his high upside. It might be worth the gamble to open the season with him on the big league roster, perhaps even holding down a spot in the rotation (or at least in the bullpen). The Dodgers definitely could use a second lefthander in the pen. Elbert is a candidate, but he has options. There is talk that the Dodgers are interested in Dennys Reyes (46 innings in 75 appearances), but I’m hopeful that’s not the case, since I think the last thing the Dodgers need is a lefty specialist who only faces 1 or 2 hitters per appearance.

    Perhaps the final decision will be determined by whether or not the Dodgers sign Manny. With a strong offense it’s likely that even with Miller, the Dodgers will be at or near the top in the weak West.

    In any case, I’m sure Dodgers management is better aware than any of us where Miller is in his development, and hopefully they will make the right decision.

  • Dave R.

    Dodgers reportedly have $50 million to spend and even assuming Manny eats up a good chunk of that, where is this money going to go? Colletti will either waste it on the likes of a Jon Garland or bank it for the McCourts. Tragic offseason for Dodgers fans.

  • Dave, where do you get the $50 million to spend figure? As of right now the payroll looks to be sitting at between $77-$80 million, assuming the arbitration raises for Martin/Ethier/Broxton and team-issued contracts for the pre-arb guys.

    The club is reported to be interested in Manny (roughly $20 to $22/23m) and one more starting pitcher (let’s say $10m). Even if they also add a reliever like Dennys Reyes for another $2m, that’s only about $35 million added to the payroll for a total of $110-115 million, not a huge difference from last season.

    I definitely wouldn’t classify the season as tragic by any means. After all, we will be paying Andruw Jones roughly $13.4 million less than he would have received in 2009 per the terms of his original deal! 🙂