Broxton’s incentives

In addition to his $1.825 million base, he’ll get $50k for each of 45, 50, 55 and 60 games finished, which if he maxes out would make it a $2.025 million salary for this season. If you assume he is going to be the closer (a safe assumption at this point) and you assume the Dodgers are going to be a pretty good team (a less safe assumption, but a good probability), the first two or three of those will be pretty reachable for Brox. If both he and the Dodgers have a GREAT year, he’ll likely reach all four. Just talked to his agent, who says the deal was fair for both sides.

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  • El Lay Dave

    More Repko: In 2005 he was sent down for only eight days; per the CBA, because that’s less than 20 days, he get MLB service time for those eight days and it doesn’t count as an option. I think 2008 used up his first option year and he has two left.

  • Tony Jackson

    Dave, I found out yesterday he still has TWO options. There are just a lot of technicalities here that I didn’t know existed. But I know he got a full year of ML service time in 2007 because he was on the major-league disabled list all year (he got hurt in spring training), so no option was used that year either.

  • El Lay Dave

    Tony – what? You don’t use the MLB CBA as bedtime reading??? ūüėČ

    For those that care about such minutia on Repko :

    2005 minors stint too short (5/25 6/3) to use up an option year (per the CBA, see below)
    2006 full year in majors, except injury rehab (not an option)
    2007 full year in majors on the DL (earned arbitration rights)
    2008 most of year in minors, used an option year.
    2009 second year of arbitration

    From the CBA:
    If a Player is optionally assigned for a total of less than 20 days in one championship season, such optional assignment(s) shall not count as an optional assignment in connection with the limitation upon optional assignments provided for in Major League Rule 11. (See Article XXI.)

    If a Player is optionally assigned for a total of less than 20 days in one championship season, the Player shall be credited with Major League service during the period of such optional assignment(s). (See Article XIX.)

  • Tony Jackson

    Yeah, but the part that is hard to figure out is that, if I understand the rules correctly, he should have been added to the 40-man roster BEFORE 2005, because he was drafted, albeit out of high school, in 1999. If he had been added in 2003 or 2004, he would have burned an option for each of those years, as well. I suppose it’s possible he was left unprotected during those years, but not likely. The guy WAS a first-round pick, after all.

  • Tony,

    Repko was added to the 40-man roster on November 23, 2004, at the deadline to set rosters before the 2004 Rule 5 draft.

  • Tony Jackson

    Eric, that’s what I don’t get. High school draftees are supposed to get four seasons before they have to be protected (three seasons for college guys), and I BELIEVE if they actually sign immediately and play that first half-season after they’re drafted, that counts as the first of those four seasons. Even if it DOESN’T count, then he still should have been added to the 40-man after 2003, not after 2004. But obviously, I’m missing something somewhere.

  • Tony, I know the rule has changed to five years for 18-year olds and four years for 19+ draftees. However, I don’t believe the change was made as far back as 2003.

    Maybe Repko slipped through the cracks after not being protected in 2003. Repko did have has best minor league season in 2004 (he hit .303/.345/.483 in both AA/AAA), so perhaps the club figured they had something worth protecting after 2004.

    I’ll look through my old Baseball America Prospect Handbooks and see if I can find any insight.



  • El Lay Dave

    “Broxton’s Incentives” sounds like the title of a failed pilot. Or unsold treatment.