Randy Wolf spurns D-backs

This could be a sign he is zeroing in on the Dodgers, who are believed to have been zeroing in on him for a few days now. The lefty reportedly was offered a one-year deal with two option years, this according to the Arizona Republic. He also reportedly turned down a three-year, $28.5 million offer from Houston earlier. And while it’s tough to imagine the Dodgers guaranteeing him three years, the thought of pitching in his hometown presumably would be appealing enough for Wolf to cut them some slack. I get the sense he’ll be in the Dodgers’ rotation this season, maybe in the fourth spot.


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  • Anything more than a one-year deal is concerning. Ugh.

  • Woody

    contact the radio station down in SD – 1090. They had Wolfe on there during the off season, just after the free agency filling date (I believe the afternoon crew). He had a lot of negative things to say about the Dodgers as a whole…players and management. At the end, one of the sports talk guys stated if he would consider going back to the Dodgers and he said something like, “No, somethings just aren’t worth it.”

    I guess money talks and Randy Wolfe walks!!! We don’t need him and we don’t need another injured player that can’t contribute!!!

  • Tony Jackson

    Wow, really? This from a guy who got $8 million from the Dodgers to pitch for half a season? I’ll look into it.

  • Spud

    Oh God, please no.