Another point about Kent

I would be remiss if I didn’t also point out one other thing about Jeff Kent and his Hall of Fame career: his best years came at a time came in an era when many of the game’s brightest stars are now suspected of having used performance-enhancing substances, and it should be pointed out that Jeff Kent NEVER CAME UNDER ANY SUSPICION WHATSOEVER. So, as prickly as he might have been at times, he certainly deserves credit for the fact that he appears to have done it right and done it fairly, without succumbing to the temptations that so many others of his era succumbed to.

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  • Denton True

    There are times I loathed Kent and times I really admired and appreciated him.

    He had one heck of a career and will take a deserved spot in the Hall of Fame.

  • This is what I posted in the comment section of the official announcement:
    Good Luck Jeff! I’ll miss you! I will always cherish the WIN baseball clinic that you hosted for the last 4 years at Dodger Stadium!!. You are a gentleman, a classy guy and a great ballplayer!. As I told you at the last WIN event, you were a Dodger to me when I heard you cried at the Dodger Press conference when the announcement was officially made that you had become a Dodger. I know you said you saw your mother crying first. Also I’ll cherish the Macy’s signing. Is too bad more fans did not notice what a nice guy you are instead of listening to the media. Your ever faithful fan -Emma (crzblue). God willing I will go to Coopertown when you become a Hall of Famer. Hey! m my brother gave me a Jeff Kent grey jersey for Christmas!
    When I saw Jeff on the last game of the season at the stadium (I am Dodger season ticket holder that attends all games) and his kids were the ones that ran to him when you know prior to the game the kids run to each position player and get an autograph ball. I was very very happy that Vin kept going on and on about Jeff and his kids. I was on the stands listening to the radio (always carry one) I knew that vin did not take serious what Jeff said as it was said as a joke. he said so at the WIN clinic which was prior to his talk with Simers. Vin is my idol and Jeff one of my favorite players. IIt made feel so good to hear Vin saying good things about Jeff. The only player that has ever asked me for my name when Jeff said to me at the Macy autograph signong “I am sorry, what is your name?”. And Vin this year said to me ‘what is your name”. To hear Vin repeat my name was amazing! I am grateful to have met both.

  • snuffy02

    Goodbye Mr. Chuckles, clubhouse cancer. And just like the worst president in history, George W., I say good riddance.

  • Andrea

    Emma, I was at that game where Jeff’s kids ran out on the field with him too … I kinda teared up, it was so special. I figured then he was done, or at least, done as a Dodger. Yeah, he may have shown his “prickly” side more often than was necessary, but he did his job and did it well. And just the fact that he showed up at all those WIN events means he couldn’t have been ALL bad!

  • ryan

    It’s sad when we have to give praise to people for not doing the wrong thing. How warped have our minds become? It’s OK to use PEDs, but to not use PEDs and compete at the same level deserves praise? BS.

  • crzblue

    Found this about Jeff in a Yahoo article:
    “”He was harder on himself than he was on anyone else.

    When the Astros visited terminally ill youngsters at Texas Childrens Hospital, Kent took over.
    It was one of the most impressive performances Ive ever seen from an athlete off the field, said Tim Purpura, former general manager of the Astros. He had this one kid laughing. The kid is from Austin. Jeff told him he was building a water slide and wanted him to come to his home.
    He was absolutely charming to the young guy and his family. Thats the Jeff Kent memory Ill keep.

  • El Lay Dave

    Emma, Andrea – I also was at that game.

    Diamond Leung had this quote from Kent on his blog, “I would rather deal with the fans (than the media). I would rather talk to all 100,000 of them right now or half a million.”

    The general consensus is that Kent and the media don’t like each other, Kent didn’t get along with a certain number of his teammates over the years, Kent is good with fans. Heckuva career for a 20th rounder out of college.

    Too bad we got only his run-down years; the bat was still there until he finally got too damn old, but boy did his defense (range) suck, and his mind never adjusted to his diminishing running speed. And his HOF plaque will have a Giants cap on it!

  • crzblue

    Andrea, El Lay Dave.
    I was sitting in the field level at the time _I was saying goodbye to friends at different levels just in case I did not see them during the playoffs_ anyway, his daughter came up the steps and handed her signed baseball to this kid. She was like “For me!?” i think she told her brothers to do the same. Thanks for reminding me to read Diamond Leung ELD. -Emma