Kent has tear-filled goodbye

Jeff Kent, who might be the most stoic man in baseball, was more emotional than we’ve ever seen him. This was a good thing for Kent, his fans and certainly former teammates. Kent was never one to show his emotions publicly, but he did so today. He started crying before he even spoke. He started to cry during a video tribute the Dodgers made and spent most of the second half of the video with his head in his hands. General manager Ned Colletti was there, as was Don Newcombe, Dodgers minor league players, former teammate Jose Vizcaino, his agent Jeff Klein, his wife Dana and their four children, trainers, staff, etc. It was a packed house, and Kent certainly gave people a good show. He was genuine. Kent, 40, retired from baseball looking most human.

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  • snuffy02

    Boo woo woo Mr. Chuckles. Go back to Texas with your war criminal ex-Prez W. & cry. We will dust ourselves off & gladly move on…

  • Spud


  • BruinFBBB

    Snuffy’s act is boring.


  • crzblue

    wonderful report Jill. Jeff was my favorite player ever since I attended the WIN events and used to see him signing for kids and giving them advices. I’ll miss you Jeff! What a great message he sent to the kids! Here is what he said __”and for the kids who might want to be a baseball player some day (sniff. pause )
    there is a chance that you can play this great game (his voice breaking down)
    if you are not the biggest guy sniff
    if you are not the fastest guy sniff
    even if you are not the smartest guy
    there is a chance (pause) that you can still play this game” __thank you Jeff for playing the game the way it should be played and for being nice to us fans even if there were no media around.