Still more on Torre’s book

There is an excerpt now posted on, at the following link:

The two most interesting things from this excerpt are:

1) Torre considers 2007, his final season with the Yankees, as “the worst year of my professional life.”

2) Torre’s claim that Brian Cashman “betrayed” him, which was reported in the New York papers yesterday, apparently stems from this: shortly before Torre met in Tampa with Cashman and six other club officials, including owner George Steinbrenner — a meeting that ended Torre’s tenure as manager when he wouldn’t accept a one-year offer — Torre offered a creative proposal to Cashman of a two-year contract, with the stipulation that if Torre were fired DURING the first season, he would be paid in full for the second year, but that if he were fired AFTER the first season, he would receive only a smaller buyout of the second year. Well, Torre found out after the meeting in Tampa that Cashman had never passed on the proposal to the club officials. Hence, the “betrayal,” although that specific word doesn’t appear in this excerpt.

Also, Torre is lined up to appear on Larry King Live this Friday night.

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  • Buddy

    Unfortunately, all this attention on Torre’s book (although he didn’t actually write it but is in his name) is distracting to the Dodgers on the publicity front. For the team’s sake, I hope they won’t have to deal with the fallout during Spring Training and beyond but based upon some of the book’s content, that seems unlikely.

  • lawdog

    Sign Manny and Sheets making us a winner. Then we will draw well even if the recession turns into a global depression. The Lakers are a decent model even though they have less seats and cost a C-note up for a seat. They are sold out for the season despite the economics of the time.

    Even in a depression people will want to get out and do something. If the ball games are affordable and Mannys in leftpeople will sacrifice other things to go to the games. Only by making a winner out of the teamlike my grandfathers friend who made a great doughnutwill attendance continue near 4 million. Field a loser and you just might go bankrupt Frankie!

    Is this brief enough for you all?

  • BruinFBBB

    Its a step in the right direction lawdog…

    But it doesn’t make signing Manny the walking clubhouse cancer or Sheets the walking Schmidt II a good idea…

    Even if Manny doesn’t find a reason to pout/Sheets manages to stay healthy the Dodgers are still a few years away from doing any real damage in the playoffs. Save the $ until then…

    (Unless winning the weak west is what you’re after…)

  • lawdog

    I am so tired of waiting till next year. With Manny in the lineup we came within a Billingsly blow up of going to the series last year. If we sign Manny and Sheets (who’s a real ace and pitched 198.2 innings last year), we have a chance of really winning it all.

    Play for the year after next and we’re the “samo-samo”. Face it. 88 was an aberration. The Dogs haven’t really contended since Garvey, Cey, Smith, Baker and Lopes played for us.

    I’m 59 and I’ve been waiting for nearly 30 years for the team to rebuild. I refuse to wait another 30 years for the rebuilding to materialize! Manny and Sheets will make this team a winner.

  • BruinFBBB

    Each time the Dodgers have changed owners there has been a learning curve that has set the team back a number of years.

    I know you’re fed up. I am too. That is why the Dodgers should do it right this time instead of simply throwing money at the problem.

    How well has the Yankee formula that you are supporting worked for them over the last ten years?

    The Dodgers are finally starting to see results from all of the homegrown talent they’ve been developing and they’ll need money to keep those kids in a few years.

    The young arms will be ready to go when the kids are hitting their collective strides at the plate.

    Now is not the time to abandon ship.

    Can I have a summer internship at your firm?

  • lawdog

    I’ve been retired from the business for almost 10 years now. Otherwise, I’d say, why not? A man who knows the value of brevity will always be an asset to a law firm. Most lawyers need an hour and a half to say hello to the judge in the morning.

  • BruinFBBB

    Fair enough…