Stop me if you’re tired of reading about this …

… but there is more fallout from Joe Torre’s book, The Yankee Years, which won’t even be released for another four days. Joe will appear tonight on Larry King Live — “author Joe Torre,” is what it said when I scrolled down the Cox Cable grid to CNN, scrolled over to Larry King’s time slot and hit the “info” button. And David Wells, who pitched for Torre for several seasons in New York and also pitched for the Dodgers for a brief time in 2007, had some scathing words for his former skipper during an interview with Michael Kay on New York’s ESPN radio affiliate. This is what the Boomer ir reported to have said, as I didn’t personally hear the interview:

“If you weren’t Joe’s boy, he could care less about you. He ran his tight ship the way he wanted to. Don’t get me wrong; he’s not a bad manager. I just thought he was a bad individual because of the fact he didn’t treat everybody the same. He had his boys, and certain guys could do certain things and he wouldn’t let other guys do other things.”

Also, the Dodgers have released information on this year’s Winter Caravan, which begins tomorrow. You can find at here:

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  • Mario DiLeo

    “If you weren’t _______s boy, he could care less about you. He ran his tight ship the way he wanted to.” Just fill in the blank and Wells could be describing ANY manager whether it is in a bank, a bakery or in baseball. Obviously, Tubby wasn’t one of Joe’s boys thus his bitterness…