Dodgers make second offer to Manny Ramirez: one year, $25 million

This according to a source with knowledge of the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Ned Colletti confirmed that the offer was made last night, but he wouldn’t confirm the length or the amount. Got a message in to Boras, but you know how that goes. Until (and if) I hear back from him, there is no word on whether he and Manny are receptive to such a deal. But it certainly appears, from the outside looking in, that they are running out of options if he wants to make it somewhere by the start of spring training.
“We are still trying to sign Manny, and we hope that this will make him happy,” Colletti said.
The Dodgers’ original offer to Manny, which was pulled off the table three months ago, was two years, $45 million with a club option for 2011. These are the only known offers to Ramirez by any major-league club since he filed for free agency last fall.

  • Buddy

    Does this include an option year? I don’t think it’s smart on the Dodgers part to forget the contract issues Ramirez had with Boston the past couple of years. The last thing this team needs is an unhappy Ramirez. He is clearly more committed to the organization if it is committed in him.

  • Tony Jackson

    Nope, my understanding is there is no option. This is a straight, one-year, try-free-agency-again-in-the-fall kind of deal, similar to the one Pudge Rodriguez signed with the Marlins in 2003. That one, you may recall, worked out great for both parties.

  • pvhornet05

    I think Manny accepts and if he doesn’t do the Dodgers go after Dunn?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Not being intimately involved in the negotiations between Boras and the Dodgers, I don’t have a clue as to what will happen next. That said, here are some thoughts:

    1. Perhaps the Dodgers are considering what will be available next year. For the most part, next years free agent market is expected to be weak overall. However, it could have several premium outfielders available. Manny, if he accepts the Dodgers offer, Matt Holliday, and Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu, if the latter two are forced to sign one-year deals this time around.

    2. The top outfield prospect currently in the Dodgers system is Andrew Lambo, but he was drafted out of high school only two years ago, and will begin this season as a 20 year old (21 in August). Lambo is ticketed for AA this year, and it’s questionable whether he would be ready in 2010. If he was, chances are he would lack the necessary power as a 21 year old.

    In any case, it’s all speculation, and I’m afraid, we will just have to observe while it plays itself out.