Boras rejects Dodgers’ one-year offer to Manny

I have no other details, other than that Scott met with Ned Colletti late tonight and told him Manny wouldn’t accept the Dodgers’ one-year, $25 million offer. Not sure exactly what this means, but it wouldn’t shock me if this is the end of it and the Dodgers simply move on. And if that happens, who knows where Manny will end up and when he will get there? More on this tomorrow, I’m sure.

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  • Mario DiLeo

    Thanks for the LATE update, Tony…the fact that Boras flat out rejected the offer as opposed to making a counter-offer leads me to believe that they may really have another offer from Giants whatever that might be. They may just head to San Fran just to spite the Dodgers and cement Boras’s legacy as the Drew Rosenhaus of Major League Baseball…

  • DodgerBlue

    Screw Manny and Boras..Time to move on. Go get A. Dunn.

  • TDOG

    Dodgers should get Dunn & Abreu for sure. A lot less and more production wise.

  • Buddy

    Hmmm…I’m still a bit leery about Dunn. His power and on base percentage is quite good but he strikes out more often than any human ever should. With the financial leverage the Dodgers I have, they might be better off getting Abreau for a year, signing Ben Sheets, and possibly get Randy Wolf. If they’re able to get short term deals, that would be the worth of the offer they gave Manny.

  • karmabad

    The Dodgers OBVIOUSLY have a listening problem. It’s not what Manny wants. It’s time to say pass and try someone else. This is annoying, and Manny/Boras should just go elsewhere. If Manny ends up in a lame giants uniform it’s what this organization deserves…plus that will mean handing the NL West to that pathetic team.

  • Jayrew

    You people are ridiculous. Adam Dunn???


  • TeamHasHoles

    Hmmm…. Package DeWitt and a young pitcher for Horse for the Rotation? Hmmmmm.

    I think it’s just Colletti playing Boras’ game of threatening through the media, but it’s an interesting thought.