Colletti: Dodgers’ pursuit of Manny Ramirez will continue

What Colletti didn’t say was that it appears to be on life support at this point. But given that the one-year, $25 million deal was turned down so swiftly — it was on the table for about 24 hours — and given the fact that no other club really appears all that serious about signing Manny, you have to wonder what Scott Boras is thinking. Colletti did say that he and Boras were on the phone for about half an hour last night after Boras informed him Manny wouldn’t take the deal, but that the discussion was more conversation than negotiation.
Colletti also seemed to say yes when asked whether the club’s pursuit of Manny could drag on into spring training or perhaps even longer.
“We haven’t set a deadline yet,” Colletti said “These situations can change in an instant.”
Colletti wouldn’t say if or when he will turn his attention to other options, like Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu. Obviously, neither of those players is as attractive to the Dodgers as Manny. But with spring training now about 10 days away, you can’t let Boras and Manny hold you up forever.

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  • b.h. blue point,l.i.

    This was not a sincere effort to sign or lead to further negotiations with Manny by Colletti and McCheap. He walked away from a remaining contract of 2 years at 40 million on his Boston deal and he and Boras won’t be bullied. Abreu is not an option as he hit only 20 hr’s in Yankee Stadium with its short porch and is declining, and Dunn, give me a break!! We would be better off returning to Pierre with 200 hits, sb’s and no arm in left. We will finish no better then 3rd in the division with any of the 3. We have no ace, or #2 for that matter, no starters who can go beyond 5 innings, and a shakey closer yet some of you fans say “the heck with Manny”. Colletti is the “good employee” following McCheaps orders and will take the fall this season when it all goes wrong. This team needs to offer Manny at 3yrs, 75M and if that is successful (I hate to agree with THH) trade a package from the pool of DeWitt, DeJesus, Hu, MacDonald etc for a stud pitcher. My fear is McCheap is using this lame offer to walk away from Manny and say “we tried” and this will be another long losing season, as last year was, until Manny came along. Hope I am wrong !!

  • slee105

    Wow, this season seems like it’s over before it’s even begun. Glad I’m on the East Coast and can’t contribute $ to see it hoarded or spent wastefully.

  • snuffy02

    Blue Point: you make excellent points; my sentiments exactly. As TJ Simers says, “the McCourts have been inexplicably cheap this off season.” As Larry Bowa says, “We’ll have trouble scoring runs without Manny.” This is a punch & judy line-up at best without ManRam and the pitching staff is in shambles. The McCourts haven’t addressed any of the Dodgers problems, except raising ticket prices to pay for the lavish Malibu & BelAire homes. Abreu & Big Slob Dunn do nothing for this team. We are suppose to get excited about possibly signing Wolf!? I have been a season ticket holder for the past 20 years, but not this year–the McCourts are frauds & Colletti is just following their marching orders to stay on the cheap & cut payroll. Perhaps this Manny thing will work out, but how do they justify giving Casey Blake 3 yrs. but not Manny? If the Giants land Manny & the starting pitching isn’t addressed with a bulldog starter or two, last place here comes LA.

  • chrisripley

    Nice to see Dodger fans get sucked in by Manny. In June of year 2 of the 3 year $75 million deal he’ll put the clutch in and quit. It’s no wonder they don’t want to give him a longer contract. Why do you think no one wants him? Manny deserves what he gets…

  • slee105

    It made sense to only offer 1 year. People think he won’t play hard because he’ll be discontent w/ a contract he didn’t want. Fact of the matter is that he has to play his butt off, otherwise no team will ever sign him again when his year’s up.

  • chrisripley-If he quits like last time (1.000+ OPS in July), i’ll take it.

  • karmabad

    I suggest passing on Manny. He doesn’t want to play in LA that bad and has passed on a TON of money already. So, maybe do the following

    Hudson (1-Year)
    Dunn (1-Year)
    Sheets (1-Year)
    Wolf (1-Year)

    The above additions can help big time for the NL West title…even if Ramirez goes to SF.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Hey, I’m not going either way on this argument, but if Manny was interested in a 1-yr deal, I’m sure the Mets, Yankees and Braves would like to talk Boras too. The Dodgers would probably be outbid for his services or they’d end up shelling out 30 mill for that year minimum.

    I’d give it at least another two weeks of dialog before you give up on ManRam. Having said that though, read my screen name… that should give you a hint as to what direction they I think they should go if Manny’s going to be this obstinate about it.

  • Dave R.

    “and Dunn, give me a break!! We would be better off returning to Pierre with 200 hits, sb’s and no arm in left.”

    Huh? Yeah I’d hate to have a legitimate power hitter who gets on base close to 40% of the time. Much better to have a guy with no power who get on base at a 33% or so clip.