Turns out there is some news

Ned Colletti and Scott Boras spoke late today concerning Manny Ramirez. “Restated the respective positions,” Colletti said via text message. “We agreed to continue to stay in touch these next few days.” Several years ago, when Scott Boras and I were in the midst of a personal feud that went on for several days over my reporting on the breakdown of negotiations between the Dodgers and Luke Hochevar, their top draft pick of 2005 and a Boras client, I complained to Scott about his failure to return my calls, and he responded by saying, “I’m a busy man.” Well, that much is certainly true. And given that Scott is a busy man, he wouldn’t waste time talking to the Dodgers over the next few days if he didn’t think there was at least some chance of a deal getting done. One thing that now seems clear (and perhaps a bit sobering to Boras and Manny): the market for Manny now appears to have dwindled to the Dodgers and the Giants. The general managers of the Mets, Yankees and Nationals have all stated publicly over the past 48 hours that their clubs are NOT in pursuit of Manny.

Colletti also spoke today with Arn Tellem, the agent for Randy Wolf. But so far, nothing notable to report there, either.

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  • karmabad

    How exhausting. The LA Dodgers are basically the only team I truly follow year after year since I was a kid, and this one is pretty ridiculous and almost as lame as the Piazza fiasco a few years back…honestly I just want this team to win the division and lets take it from there. Start the season w/ the lead and end the season w/ the title…but when it ALL comes down to is $$$…the “root of all evil.” haha

    “mickey mantle aint gonna pay my rent!”

  • grumpy3b

    As a four-plus decade fan of the Dodgers…I can say for the first time in that span, I simply don’t care anymore. Even if MRam signs, I think part of me will now look at the other holes his money would fill. There simply has been no sign of negotiating from the Boras side of the fence. And this is exactly the same way he handled the ARod stuff last season.

    These things have actually reduced my enjoyment of MLB. It’s a shame too, while I will follow the team, I can’t help it, I will certainly not make the 200mi round trip to see any games nor will I go out of my way to even listen on the radio…especially with no Vinny on radio. No Ross Porter or any of the folks I grew up with. If Steiner can stay “out of the bag” he and Monday make a fun team, but Steiner makes mistakes the way Vinny shares insight and history.

    Let MRam be a Frisco Giant…who cares anymore.