It’s a one-year deal for Wolf

That’s all I know so far, but at least that’s something. It has all the usual makings of a deal that has been agreed upon in principle pending a physical exam.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    Why do I get the feeling that he really would rather pitch somewhere else, but realizes he has little or no other choice?

  • joshburke2

    We are officially the Los Angeles Astros-Raiders. Do your own math on that one.

  • Kaweah

    He’s from LA, so you’re probably wrong about wanting to play elsewhere, but even if he is not entirely satisfied with this deal, who cares? A one year deal for a talented but injury prone pitcher makes a lot of sense from the Dodgers perspective. If Wolf wants to use the Dodgers to showcase his stuff for the year to prove he’s worth more next off season, that is a win-win. Very good signing for the Dodgers–let’s hope they sign Looper, too. They need another starting pitcher in my opinion–and if i am wrong, he’d be a great addition to the pen.

  • joshburke2

    That’s Plan B Kaweah. Both versions included Wolf, it was a matter of ‘at what price?’. Now we know – around 6 and on a one year dilly, too to boot!

    Plan A=Baby Bull
    Plan B=FA Shopping Spree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snuffy02

    WOW! Randy Wolf, Mark Loretta, Brad Ausmus; I’m re-newing my season tickets NOW!

  • joshburke2

    C’mon snuffy…you know you got your free Grand Slam at Denny’s last tuesday so don’t act like you don’t appreciate a good deal.

  • Woody

    Hey Tony-
    Any luck finding the interview Wolf had with 1090 in SD where Wolf was bashing the Dodgers? It was during the offseason, Nov or Dec…I believe it was with Darren Smith. I contacted them and they weren’t willing to help, but Darren did respond back that he remembers talking about the Dodgers to him.


  • Tony Jackson

    Woody, I had about as much luck with that as you did.

  • Woody

    Hey Tony-
    This is the lady I was emailing…she stated she did remember the interview, but can’t find the taped audio. “Jenny Gonzalez” She was really nice, I think it has convienently disappeared or she had better things to do.