Manny update … which is really no update at all

Colletti didn’t talk to Boras today. In talking with Colletti about the Wolf signing, I did ask whether there would come a time when the Dodgers will have to simply move on so that the uncertainty of whether Manny is coming back won’t create too many other uncertainties, such as who will and who won’t be in the everyday lineup. He said this:

“At some point in time, yes, but I’m not sure when that point in time will come yet. We signed Furcal, we signed Loretta, we signed Ausmus, we signed Casey Blake, we signed Wolf, and we signed Mota. We haven’t been sitting and waiting for one player to sign. We have been active, and we have continued to put a club together. At some point in time, we have to come to a conclusion. But we’re not there yet, and we’re still open-minded.”

Like I said, really no update at all.

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  • snuffy02

    WELCOME TO MCCHEAP LAND! What an off season of dynamic signings: Randy Wolf, Shawn Estes, Claudio Vargas, Guillermo Mota, Scott Strickland, Casey Blake, Juan Castro, Mark Loretta, Brad Ausmus…WOW! Up next, the return of Jeff Weaver. Where can I buy those overpriced tickets to see these re-treads, has-beens, and minor leaguers? The McCourts remain cuddled up at their twin Malibu mansions–where can I send the money?

  • BruinFBBB


  • lawdog

    Why dont people remember that the original Dog offer to Manny was for 2 years at $52 millionor $26 million per yearor in the alternative 3 years for $67 million which is $22.5 million per year?

    The offer, either way, had a “Furcal” type bonus to be paid at the end of the contract. That bonus was to be $7 million and must be added to the salary earned over either 2 or 3 years depending on how it plays out. To determine the total value of the contract, once Manny is finished with us whether its after two or three years, the total of the salary paid out and the $7 million deferred payment is then divided by the actual years of the contract played out. Ive only mentioned this about a dozen times. Not even the newspapers recognize our minimum offer was actually 2 years for $52 million with a player option for a third at $15 million (or $67 million total.)

    Go check the archives if you dont believe me!

    This makes our last $25 million dollar one year offer a major belt to Manny’s head with an aluminum baseball bat, not just a mere slap in the face.

    It also means to me thart we are not planning to sign Manny.

    That means Cheapskate McCorkbrain should stop the pretense of trying to sign Manny and go get Dunn and be “dunn” with it. Then watch an exodus of about 8000 fans per game, 5000 because Manny isn’t there and the other 3000 being fans like me who think he’s a chowderhead ruining what could have been a contending team.

    He should be prepared to lose $120 million–$60 million for not signing Manny and the other $60 from fans who are now “mad as hell” and refuse to take it anymore.

    We have the dumbest and cheapest owner in the business. Our GM is no rocket scientist either.

  • Rolex

    Stop with the propaganda lawdog, stop beating a dead horse.

    Is it me or is Manny being selfish by not taking the 1 year deal? 25 Million is alot of cash for 1 year, no National League club in their right mind would give Manny 3 years.

  • Buddy

    Well, the real news of the day is A-Rod use of anabolic steroids. This certainly sheds new light on Torre’s (Verducci’s) book given what has already been said.

  • AZShaker

    Totally right Buddy.

    No coincidence either that the book comes out, just as this little nugget of information is released too.

  • b.h. blue point,l.i.

    lawdog and snuffy02 get it!!! Restores my faith in L.A. fans. McCheap had an opportunity that will not happen again. With all the departing salaries in one year, and all the kids at low salaries for the next 3 to 4 years, there was a chance to build a special team that would dominate the West and reward loyal fans who have been supporting a mediocre team for a long time. I have passed on buying my usual spring training season tickets and will not be visiting Chavez Ravine this season. I’m glad to hear others doing the same. McCheap will see the attendence fall and announce “see I did the right thing in a bad economy” and expect us to buy it!! He doesn’t care about winning or the fan base so stay home !!

  • Buddy

    This AZShaker,
    This little “nugget of information” is going the biggest baseball story heading into the season. Nothing else will override it, including Manny’s signing (he will end up in Blue). As Buster Olney pointed out yesterday, the credence of the story doesn’t matter, its perception that counts (look at Hall of Fame Voting the past couple of years).

    On the minor news front, Andrew Jones signed a minor league deal with Texas. He was never offered anything from Atlanta.

  • Dave R.

    You guys really think the McCourts care about the fans in bring back Manny (or not)? The Dodgers draw three million-plus every year regardless of how many Motas and Lorettas are rolled out there.