Clarification on Andruw

Just found out that the Dodgers get HALF of whatever he makes with the Rangers. So, if he maxes out on his incentives and receive a total salary of $1.5 million from Texas in 2009, the Dodgers will get $750,000 of that, meaning they would owe him about $2.76 million instead of the $3.5 million they owe him now.

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  • Buddy

    Do you have any comments on the Alex Rodriguez fiasco?

  • Tony Jackson

    Buddy, my only comment on A-Rod is that when it comes to big-league ballplayers, nothing surprises me anymore. And I do mean NOTHING. And this is certainly no exception.

  • Andrea

    I agree with Curt Schilling on this one — if you’re going to release one name from a list that was supposed to be confidential forever, then it’s only fair to release the whole list.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    In other words, Andrea, multiple wrongs make a right. If you’re told that you will be participating in an anonymous survey, then that’s what it is, ANONYMOUS. Revealing A-Rod’s name violated a trust, and there is nothing that justifies compounding it any further.

  • Andrea

    Well ok Brooklyn, do we then prosecute those who leaked his name?