Joe Torre on A-Rod, steroids and baseball

This stuff didn’t make the paper because of space, but Joe had some interesting comments on all that stuff. FYI, he said he hasn’t yet spoken with A-Rod, but that he might at some point ONLY to find out how A-Rod is doing, not to browbeat him over taking steroids.

On the state of baseball:
“To me, the most important thing is regaining trust, and that isn’t something that is going to happen overnight. We just have to work at it. It’s going to take management and players doing everything we can to recover from this. The sad part is that so many of these things were supposed to be confidential.”

On the effect this will have on tainted players:
“That’s where it’s tough, because the problem never goes away. Every time you hit a home run, it’s going to be, `I wonder why?’ That is all part of getting the trust factor back.”

On the effect this will have on players’ statistics:
“Baseball has always been proud of its past. It has never really changed, so all the records are pretty much the same. Now, there are going to be certain questions.”

On A-Rod going forward:
“I think it’s going to be very difficult. Alex has a knack for really blocking things out when he goes onto the field. But he is a very proud individual, and he is proud of what he does on the baseball field. Especially early on, I think he will probably be feeling his way through it.”

On Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s comment that he can’t be sure A-Rod didn’t use the stuff while with the Yankees:
“Anytime you open that can of worms, to speak in absolutes is dangerous.”

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  • Realist

    Do you remember the rumours around Dodger stadium shortly after testing began, where the clubhouse was being tipped off ?
    I believe it had to do with official MLB parking passes being asked for 3 -4 days in advance, unannounced and anonymous, and people putting 2 and 2 together.
    I heard that from a few of my friends there, but never saw anything in writing about it.


  • Tony Jackson

    First I have heard of it, but it sounds plausible. Only two problems with it. First, I don’t know how steroids work, but it would seem to me it would take longer than three or four days to get them out of your system in advance of a test. Second, if you have a valid credential, as all MLB officials do, Dodger Stadium doesn’t require a separate pass for parking. At least that’s the way it works for media.