Camelback Ranch: the Great Unfinished

While working on a video blog this morning with fellow Daily News staffer Brian Dohn and with the help of Dodgers VP/communications Josh Rawitch, we passed non-roster pitcher Valentino Pascucci looking confused at the end of the hallway, just inside the doors leading to the playing field. Josh asked him if he was looking for something. “Just a place to play catch,” Pascucci said. “I guess we can’t do it out there.” One day, maybe they will be able to. … Speaking of that video blog, it should be posted on the paper’s web site in the next few days. It’s a tour of the new complex, guided by your favorite correspondent (me). … Day Two has been fairly uneventful, although several of the primary position players have arrived now, even though they aren’t required to report until Wednesday. Casey Blake, Juan Pierre, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp are all here. Among the backups, Juan Castro and Delwyn Young are here.

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  • LASteve


    Post a link here to the video if it’s up please.

  • Tony, Val Pascucci isn’t a pitcher, he’s a 1B/OF.

  • Vasquez

    He might as well be an athletic trainer, because he’s not making anybody’s roster…

  • Tony Jackson

    yeah, you can see how much research I felt the need to do on the guy before mentioning him in the blog. What I can tell you is that he hasn’t been cut yet from the Italian WBC team — or, for that matter, from the Dodgers.