No wonder Manny needs more money

Turns out he is funding other players’ offseason training programs — and not just any player, but Giants reliever Billy Sadler, the same guy who generated controversy by getting a little too excited and pumping his fists after striking out Manny with the bases loaded last year because some veteran players took offense at a rookie being so demonstrative. One of those unwritten baseball rules (and really, isn’t there a reason why they’re unwritten?)

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  • reverto

    The Kaiser advert is absolutely killing me. When you close it it pops right back up. Over and over!

  • LASteve

    Manny being the good Manny and no doubt the rest of your brother scribes won’t pick up on the story…sad. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Steve the Fan

    Here anything about a 3 year 70 million offer being extended to Manny over thew weekend?

  • BruinFBBB

    Download Firefox (or any other browser worth its weight [they’re free]) and you won’t ever see the Kaiser ad…

    viva los pop-up blockers…

  • Buddy

    Yeah, nobody should be using Internet Exploder.

    Reverto, after you download Firefox, I recommend that you install a Firefox tool called “Adblock plus.” You can google it to find the link. Once installed, subscribe to all of the English language filters to ensure the removal of any ads or malware.

  • Mario DiLeo

    The story didn’t indicate the cost of joining this “health club.” Sadler must only have a minor league contract which means he could be making ONLY $75,000 which is still more than the average American and since Sadler lives in Florida, the cost of living is less than California since there is no State income tax there. Maybe he and his wife have 14 children like someone else we know, but again, the news item didn’t say…