Andre Ethier reacts to his settlement

He showed up in a suit, as did Ned Colletti. Everybody got all dressed up for nothing. But Andre admitted to being relieved.

“I guess the process is over. It was a little frustrating, the fact I think there could have been a result a little bit earlier. I think it took putting on suits and calling each other’s bluff.”

Ethier said the sides actually got to the point of sitting across from each other at a table in the hearing room before they went out again to the hallway and came up with the agreement.

“Why wouldn’t I be (satisfied)?” he said. “Being a two-plus player and being in my first year of arbitration, it’s a pretty big accomplishment, and it’s a great stepping stone for years to come.”

Specifically, three years to come. Because Ethier is a super-two, like Russell Martin, he will have FOUR winters of arbitration-eligibility instead of the usual three. That could be avoided, of course, if either of them signs a long-term contract at some point. But that’s another discussion for another day.

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