Brad Penny rips Dodgers, Larry Bowa

Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports caught up with him yesterday in Red Sox camp. Said he was hurt all of last year and the Dodgers expected him to pitch anyway. It has been well-documented that the Dodgers thought he was being soft. Anyway, the big right-hander also says that Dodgers third-base coach Larry Bowa — the only actual member of the Dodgers organization Penny mentions by name in this story — used to talk about him behind his back to other players.;_ylt=Ari0lLWAsrSEVtoiuAabIXE5nYcB?slug=ti-grapefruitleaguenotes021609&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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  • karmabad

    Yea, I’ve said this before…I won’t miss this big baby. Plus I think it’s his fault for pitching while hurt last season. He hurt the team more than he helped in 08. Good luck in that so called baseball field in Boston.