Larry Bowa reacts to Brad Penny

When told of Penny’s comments about him this morning, Larry Bowa didn’t even wait to find out what those comments were. He just went right into this beautiful little rant:

“You mean the same guy who was never on time, out of shape and has one complete game? He has more stuff to worry about in the A.L. East than me. He has to worry about getting people out. He was never on time, was out of shape and never helped the kids out. Put that on the (expletive) dot-com. Put it in the headline.”

Just to clarify, Brad has three career complete games. Larry might have been referring to the fact he had only ONE CG in his 4 1/2 seasons with the Dodgers, that a 2-1 duel with Pedro Martinez in which Jayson Werth hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth to beat the Mets. But Bowa’s point is not lost, nevertheless.

Wait, there’s more:

“He never watched the game (when he was on the DL). Jason Schmidt watched the games. Nomar Garciaparra watched the games. Mark Sweeney watched the games. You go right down the line, everybody who was on the DL watched the games. But not him. He was out of there.”

And finally, there was this:

“I’m in everybody’s corner when they work. When they’re lazy and don’t work. I could give a (well, you get the picture).”

Joe Torre and Ned Colletti basically declined comment, but Joe did say something funny.

“I don’t want to talk about that,” he said. “I’ll write about that in my next book.”

Ned, who loves to wear cowboy boots, pointed out that Brad had promised to send him a couple of pairs but hasn’t done so yet. Other than that, Ned had little to say.

To the best of my knowledge, Larry STILL doesn’t know exactly what Brad said about him. We never got the chance to tell him.