Torre wants to cut Russell Martin’s games-caught to about 140

That’s actually not that big a dropoff. Russ started 138 games behind the plate last year and entered defensively in 11 others. Joe says the addition of veteran Brad Ausmus, who is one of the best in baseball at calling a game and can hit a little bit, if only a little bit, should afford him the ability to rest Martin more often. Joe also mentioned Martin’s ability to play 3B, but even as he said it, Torre also seemed to dismiss it because of the present of Casey Blake. Martin made 11 appearances at 3B last year, but as best as I can recall, no more than one or two of them came after the Blake trade.

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  • El Lay Dave

    Martin played 3B in eleven games overall, three times after Blake arrived, two of those as starts and once he moved to 3B as Blake moved to 2B.

  • Denton True

    regarding Ausmus, if by saying he “can hit a little bit” I agree with you if that means the same thing as “can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat”