Cory Wade shut down for now after cortisone shot

It doesn’t sound too serious. It’s actually a recurrence of the inflammation in his right shoulder that landed him on the DL last August, but this time, he caught it early and, most importantly, brought it to the attention of the medical staff early. Doesn’t sound like it’ll set him back much, if at all, in his preparations for the season. If he is healthy, he is pretty much a lock for a bullpen spot.

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  • El Lay Dave

    See, Brad Penny did “help the kids”. Cory Wade learned from Penny that he shouldn’t hide arm injuries.

  • DesertDodger

    Tony —

    Can you provide a daily schedule or routine that the players go through? Also, what can the public watch on a daily basis prior to the spring training games starting? I live in Arizona and am excited to have the Dodgers here. However, I have not seen any sort of fan guide regarding spring training, just a schedule of games. For example, can fans come hang out and watch the workouts? What are the times of the workouts, and does it cost?


  • Brooklyn Dodger


    I can’t speak directly to Camelback Ranch, but if it’s anything like Vero, you can hang out and watch the workouts, and there is no charge, other than parking (it was $5 at Vero). I don’t recall any fan guide at Vero. I’ll be driving there from New York (probably leaving this Saturday).

  • Another Joe Torre victim.

  • El Lay Dave

    Brooklyn Dodger – “… other than parking (it was $5 at Vero) …”

    The Frank McCourt jokes just come too easily….

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    That’s correct, the $5 was charged only when there was a game at Holman Stadium. Probably the same at the state of the art, and probably just as beautiful (probably more so) facility in Glendale. Given time, it will develop its own history.

    Because of the close proximity of all the spring training facilities in Arizona, attending spring training road games will be a cinch. Not the case in Florida, where I believe the closest facility was the Mets at Port St. Lucie (about 30 miles south of Vero). Better for the team too, since instead of spending useless hours on a bus traveling to and from road sites, they will be able to spend that time in actual training activities.

  • El Lay Dave

    snuffy02 – I agree. Ebbets Field was sorely missed too, or so I read, and Dodger Stadium is certainly no attempt at a re-creation. If the brass tries to force a personality on the ST facility, it’ll feel as artificial as Universal Citywalk.