Hudson’s deal is one year, $3.4 million plus $4.6 million in incentives

No reason to doubt Ken Gurnick, the dean of Dodgers beat reporters and one of the best in the business. Dodgers are still denying that it’s done, but again, this is about semantics. To their way of thinking, no deal is “done” until the physical has been passed. Clearly, this deal is done in principle. We even spoke with Blake DeWitt a few minutes ago about what it means for him. True to form, he handled it with class.

“I want to help us win a World Series,” he said. “However I can do that, I will be more than happy to. … He is a great player. If somebody is going to get him, why not us? He is a good player who can help a team win, and that is what we are trying to do here.”

The question team officials will have to ask themselves now — well, not now, but sometime during spring training — is whether a player like DeWitt, a highly regarded prospect, is better off playing every day in Triple-A than sitting around in the majors.

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  • El Lay Dave

    I don’t agree with a previous comment that signing Hudson creates a possible trading chip in DeWitt, or any of the other young 2B prospects for that matter. Hudson’s deal is one year. Those prospect are need to see who wins the job in 2010 as well.

    Hudson’s OK; hate handing the #17 pick overall to the D’Backs.

  • Kaweah

    In a perfect world, Hudson would not have been offered salary arbitration by AZ. Regardless, it’s a very good signing by the Dodgers as we all know many first round draft picks never materialize. Some certainly do, but when you have a known quantity who contributes both offensively and defensively, it’s worth sacrificing that draft pick in my opinion. If he leaves after one year, he’ll likely be an “A” free agent again, so the Dodgers will get a high draft pick back.

    Signing Hudson was the right move for the following reasons: 1) It enables the Dodgers to bring DeWitt along naturally instead of having to rely upon him. We now have depth which is quite valuable. Remember that DeWitt was sent back to the minors last year after a great start and there is no reason to believe he is ready to play 2B in the bigs for the entire season. If he does play well at AAA or as a bench player with the Dodgers, 2B is open for him next year because 2) this is only a one year deal. 3) Hudson’s last 2 seasons have ended early because of injury. Should he suffer another injury, the Dodgers are not on the hook for all $8 million. Finally, 4) the Dodgers pitching staff has a lot of questions and the more defensive specialists we have behind them, the better. Hudson is a gold glove winner and you will see many great double plays between Hudson & Furcal.

    Tony, thanks for reporting that this deal was made, but please provide your opinion on whether you think signing Hudson was the right move. Thanks!