Hudson signed, but that’s not all

Ned Colletti just told us he has had more conversations with Scott Boras about Manny Ramirez “in the past seven days than in the past few months. The conversations are more frequent and longer.” When asked what that means, Colletti said, “The days are ticking off the calendar.” He wouldn’t say whether he considers it progress, but it sure sounds like they are getting closer to a deal — not that “closer” in any way means “close.” … Anyway, Hudson passed his physical, meaning the one-year deal has now been ratified. The base salary is actually $3 million, plus a $380,000 signing bonus. The incentives, which are all based on plate appearances, max out at $4.62 million, which means the most the contract can possibly be worth is $8 million. As for his health, he was examined by a hand/wrist specialist who consulted with the doctor who did the surgery last fall, and Hudson has been cleared to take part in all activities. … If this team ends up with Hudson AND Manny, it could be an exciting summer, especially in the N.L. West.

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  • Tony,

    Thanks for the info. Has any breakdown of the incentives come down the pike yet?

  • Tony Jackson

    Eric, no, but I’m going to try to run that down tomorrow. It’s all based on PAs, I can tell you that much.

  • LASteve

    But inquiring minds want to know if Coach Larry Bowa will ever accuse Hudson of “dogging” it?

  • ELManiaco

    Seems like Ned is dropping all of his chips in this year since it is his last on his contract! Whenever the Manny saga ends and he finally shows up at ST, it seems like we will be a more offensive team than in prior years. With the uneasiness of the starting pitching lets hope the offense will be entertaining!

  • Buddy

    If Ned Colletti (who I am actually starting to appreciate more) is able to solidify Manny’s signing, this looks to be an outstanding lineup on paper, far more balanced than anything we’ve seen in recent years. Every part of the order would be capable of producing. However, starting pitching is still a huge concern. They need to find a 200 inning pitcher in case anything goes wrong which it very well can given who is on the roster. Juan Pierre, DeWitt, and somebody else (Hu) might have to be traded to make this a reality. Of course, the Dodgers would have to eat a good chunk of Pierre’s salary to make any deal go through.

  • Spud

    I could see Ned trading for Halladay at the trade deadline.

  • troyfromwv

    I think most Dodger fans are in agreement that we are looking at 2 more moves.

    1) Signing Manny, of course.
    2) Signing a relief pitcher.

    If possible, could you ask Colletti where we stand when it comes to bringing Joe Beimel back? There was an article on about 2 weeks ago stating Colletti had contacted Beimel’s agent. If you have any more details please pass them on.

  • DesertDodger

    Tony –

    I am hoping you can provide some insight and brief nuggets each day on how the workouts look before the games begin. Notes about who looked good/bad, who missed practice and why what they worked on, etc. I guess the NFL training camp reports spoiled me, and now that I have my favorite team, the Dodgers, in my hometown for spring training, I am eager to hear more about the daily schedule and what is going on.

    Seems to me if the McCourt’s wanted to lure more folks to training camp, they would at least put a daily schedule on the Dodgers web site to inform fans of what is going on, outside of the game schedule.

    Yesterday I ventured out to see the new facility and see what was going on. The complex, when finished, will be outstanding. A couple of things I noticed, and was curious….. why didn’t Mark Loretta practice on Saturday? Does Tommy Lasorda always spend that much time in the minor league area? I actually thought Jeff Weaver was throwing hard for early in camp, and on the flip side Jason Schmidt didn’t look like he could break glass, is that part of his rehab plan?


  • joshburke2

    Manny is no longer a sure thing in LA. The way the Braves are getting burnt, what’s to say they don’t offer say 1 year, $26 mil. That beats our bid…

    SanFran’s in for the undercut, if available. “You know” Scott B has a mystery team. I’m just sayin’ we are not alone in wanting this guy anymore. Spring has sprung and with it is renewed optimism in the pocketbooks of greedy millionaires.

  • Buddy

    The Braves just signed Garrett Anderson. There’s no way he’ll sign with Atlanta now (they never really had the cash to begin with, especially with the D. Lowe signing). Manny really has no choice but to sign with the Dodgers because of all the major market teams left, they have the most to offer.

    Possible starters that can be looked at between now and the trading deadline are Tim Hudson (if Braves don’t compete), Erik Bedard (if healthy) and Josh Beckett if Boston is certain he won’t resign. Aside from that, there aren’t too many free agents available for 2010.