Joe Torre meets with Blake DeWitt

Told him to be patient and he would be kept updated throughout the spring as to where he’ll fit in. However, Joe seemed to hint to us before the workout that coming off the bench in the major leagues isn’t the best role for DeWitt.

“I think a lot will be decided by the end of spring training, after everything shakes out,” Torre said. “Orlando is good, and he seems to be recovered after he had a pretty serious (left-wrist) injury last year. I think we’ll really have to evaluate how much work (DeWitt) will get. We’re not going to dismiss him, obviously, because he has done too much for us. We know he is a big part of our future. As the spring goes on, I think we will have to evaluate what the best thing for him is. What is best for him is best for us. We want him to continue his progress.”

Joe also was asked about the possibility of DeWitt moving to third and Casey Blake to LF if the Dodgers don’t sign Manny, and he basically dismissed it. Said it could certainly happen as part of late-inning double switches, but not on an everyday-starting-lineup basis. If it isn’t Manny in LF, for now, it’s still going to be Juan Pierre.

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  • Pete M.

    1 yr. contract for ‘O’ Dog..Dewitt will still be in the future mix….
    Lets add Manny and rock-n-roll…
    Tony – headed to the WBC at the Ravine…Will the Dodger shuttle be running???

  • Tony Jackson

    Not sure on that one, Pete, but I’ll look into it

  • Seriously? If the Dodgers don’t sign Manny, they are going to start Pierre in left? Jesus.

  • LASteve

    Yogi said it best

    “This is like deja vu all over again.”

    Last year it was LaRoche, this year it’s Dewitt. Both good young players but not star caliber, at least not yet.

  • Tony Jackson

    I’m told there PROBABLY won’t be a Dodger Trolley available for the WBC games.

  • ToyCannon

    Torre will keep DeWitt positive & upbeat. DeWitt has a great future ahead of him. Dodgers continue to develop some outstanding young talent. Go Joe.