O-Dawg says his wrist is great and so is Obama

Someone asked him about the economy and the way it has affected free agents, and he said that hopefully “my man Obama” will get the economy turned around soon. As for the wrist, he says it isn’t affecting him at all anymore when he swings. Said he started swinging a bat in mid-December, and by late December, his swing felt completely natural. Also says he has no regrets about turning down a multi-year offer from the Snakes last season. Claims he was offered multi-year deals this winter by “several other teams.” And that he got married this winter but can’t remember the exact date. Is any male who has ever been married can attest, he better look it up, and then commit it to memory.

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  • ToyCannon

    Go O-Dawg, go Obama. If LA can just get this Manny thing done they will have the most potent line-up in the National League:


    The starting pitching will be fine as this team, with Manny, will score mucho runs!

  • KidCuba

    O-Dawg is a nice add to any line-up….Obama isn’t.

  • Buddy

    This is exactly the same lineup I had in mind. Its relatively potent on paper but starting pitching is still lacking.

    KidCuba, face it, the election is over. Get over it.

  • ToyCannon

    I like the line-up. Speed at the top and Torre can go left-right-left-right thru the order. O-Dawg is a good addition and Furcal & him will make a dynamic double play combo. As far as Obama, I just want him to do good for the country as I think every American, except maybe Rush Limbaugh, would. But stay focused on baseball and Go Dodgers 09!