Partial workout summary

One of you asked for a detailed summary of what goes on each day, and I have to be honest, I usually devote most of my time during the workout to conversing with various members of the organization. But I did see them working on rundown plays on one field, and several of the pitchers threw live batting practice for the first time today. Tomorrow, there will be an intrasquad game, the first and probably last of the spring. A few days ago, I posted the names of all the pitchers who are expected to pitch in it. Joe Torre also said he is trying to arrange a B game, possibly with the White Sox, for a week from tomorrow because that is one of three scheduled off-days, and he doesn’t feel the club needs an off-day that early in the spring.

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  • DesertDodger

    Thanks Tony. For the second straight day, I ventured out to the Dodgers’ spring training facility. Today, I brought one of my daughters who wanted to get some autographs. Here are some observations (and tips).

    Since the facility is not completed yet, they have temporary concessions and merchandise and neither take credit cards — cash only. The ATM machines are not installed yet. If you are seeking autographs, and forget your sharpies (like my daughter did), run to the nearby CVS (about 2 blcoks from the facility). Two sharpies for $2.00, compared to $4.00 for one from the limited onsite merchanise. Good news, the parking is free for the daily workouts.

    The past two days, the team has worked out from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. So if you are looking for autographs, the end of practice is the prime spot. Generally speaking, all the players sign, and several are more than generous and patient with their time, including Kemp, Loney, Martin, Mota, Young, DeWitt, Blake, Repko, Hudson, Ethier, Torre, Wills, Lasorada, Pierre, Wallach, etc. For the past two days, Furcal, Broxton, and Billingsly haven’t signed and jogged past all of the fans.

    Also, for the second straight day, Tommy Lasorda worked with the minor leaguers on the back fields. The major leaguers have their names on the back of the jerseys, but not the minor league players. So if you don’t know who they are, you are outta luck. No rosters on site either. No clue who No. 27 is on the minor league rosters, but Lasorada has spent time with him each of the past two days in the batting cage.

    Toward the end of today’s session, the major leaguers worked on sliding. The pulled out a big black tarp that the players slide on.

    Funny comment of the day came from a fan who was chatting with Ned Colleti as he signed autographs. The fan said he’d pay for one of Manny’s at-bats if it helped get him signed. The fan said Ned could have all of his 401K money. Ned chuckled and said “In these times, that probably isn’t worth much.”

    Many of the fans were yelling to Ned to get Manny signed.

  • ELManiaco


    Thanks for your summary of what’s going on in ST. It’s good to hear Tommy is putting in some time with the minor leaguers, but I can’t say if the minors feel the same way?? You would think they would have some flyers to identify players by number? I bet working on sliding seems like high intensity training, though this is the beginning of ST. I really found myself laughing at your last statement regarding Ned’s chat with a fan about giving up his 401K for Manny!! Well, I’m sure there a lot of people who would be willing to give their 401K, eventually adding it all up will account for something.

  • Tony Jackson

    One of those minor leaguers with no name on the back of his jersey was Preston Mattingly. I noticed him playing the baserunner in a rundown drill with the big leaguers. One thing to note about those nameless minor leaguers that Desert Dog mentioned is that the ones you can see out there right now are all legit prospects, even if you aren’t sure who they are. Minor-league camp doesn’t officially begin for a few more days, so any minor leaguer who is here now has to be invited in early by the organization. Much like last month’s winter development program at Dodger Stadium, only the top-level guys get those invitations.