More pitching plans

Chad Billingsley will start against the Rockies on friday with Clayton Kershaw against Seattle on Sat. Hiroki Kuroda will start the first-ever Cactus League game at the new complex on Sunday against the White Sox. The Brewers have agreed to come over for a B game next Monday, when there is no Cactus League game scheduled.

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  • Buddy

    Hey Tony,
    Thanks for the excellent spring training updates. What’s the status on the construction of the new complex? I’d be curious to know what the outfield dimensions are.

  • Tony Jackson

    Hey Buddy, I’ll be sure to check on those dimensions just as soon as we can actually get inside the place, which probably won’t happen until Sunday. Other than that, the rest of the complex is open for business, and it looks fantastic, other than the questionable color scheme.

  • Sean


    You mention Billingsley against the Rockies on Friday and Kershaw against Seattle on Saturday. But you’ve got the days mixed up as Seattle is on Friday and Rockies are on Saturday. Is Bills throwing against Rockies or on Friday? Only reason I bring it up is that I have tix to Saturday’s game in Tucson. Thanks.

  • Tony Jackson

    You’re right Sean. It’s Billingsley against the Mariners on Friday, Kershaw against the Rockies on Saturday.