Regarding Vic the Brick’s report

I haven’t heard it, but from what I understand, what he reported was that he had heard the Manny Ramirez signing might get done this week. Well, yeah. It MIGHT get done this week. It also might NOT get done this week. It also might not get done AT ALL. So there you go. All we know at this point is the same thing we all reported on Sunday, that Ned Colletti told us he and Scott Boras had talked more about Manny in the previous seven days than they had in the previous few months. I did check with Ned against this morning, very briefly, and he said there was nothing new. I asked if things were moving backward, and he said, “If things were moving backward, they wouldn’t exist.” I think he was being flippant. I have to believe there has been SOME progress. But there doesn’t appear to be any breaking news at this point.

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  • Harpo JB

    Vic the Hick has even less credibility than Paul Mahon, whom some of you might know better as “Lee Hamilton.”

  • para’s

    Vic’s “sources” told him this. Or his source mentally channeled the info through special colored beads to Vic in the studio.

    Vic’s a funny dude, but I would imagine Fox Radio executives aren’t pleased with Vic’s attribution capabilities. But that’s expecting said execs actually listening to the garbage that is now broadcast on our fair airs.

    Manny will be with us. Will Vic?

  • ELManiaco

    As I used to listen to the Loose Cannons prior to their massive layoffs and tuned to the local AM570 station noon national program, I should of known better. When I heard Vic the Bricks Jacobs earlier today and posted on here, he broke the mentioned Manny news, but I couldn’t find anything on the web to validate what he said. As for Hacksaw, I think he does have credibility and in large margin over Vic! This breaking news by Vic reminds of Peter Vecsey and his breaking news by his solid sources back in the day when he was on NBC while they covered the NBA. Maybe this was a stunt on that station to get attention as their ratings have fallen lower than the former president?? That station is a true waste of air time!!